Meridian School Banjara Hills

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nageshm 2019-05-09 12:23:01


I am a very happy parent and so want to share this. Both my kids are studying in Meridian School Banjara Hills since Nursery. My experiencesPrincipal - Fantastic.. Dynamic person with lot of experience and caring attitude for children.Teachers - Experienced, Accessible and caring.Extremely happy...Environment - Safe and secure - What more do we want. For me attitude of Principal, teachers and environment is highest priority.
Academics - Brilliant. Grade X & XII results were fabulous. That speaks about the academic quality
Food- My kids enjoy it. That makes me feel good.
What more do we want as parents. Visit the school and you will get the feel.School plays a major role in our child's life. Take a a wise decision.

HAMISINI111 2019-05-23 14:26:39


i want to join my kid in meredian school...but lots of mems posted negitive comments...u only sent possitive comment..i just it really good school at banjarahils...r u sure..can i join 


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