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SChatterjee 2019-05-08 02:40:36


Dear Parents,

I spent a while on parentree website trying to read all the possible information available to decide on a school that suites my family/kids.

We plan to shift to India after residing abroad more than a decade now. We have 2 boys (4th grade and 2nd grade) and trying to find a good school for my boys. When i grew up in the 90s, the following schools were the best, are they still the preferred schools?

HPS Begumpet

Obul reddy public

BVB Jubliee Hills

1.       I am more specifically looking for best ICSE schools that use conventional methods of teaching with modern teaching methodologies and are future ready.

2.       Sports rich, obviously looking for good campus and playgrounds.

3.       Good will and legacy and old establishment is always a key and loved.

4.       Looking for academic excellence obviously

Note that we are not interested in international schools since I believe not all so called international schools in India serve the actual purpose.

All inputs are much appreciated.

bnvkh 2019-07-07 16:38:18


Hi, If you limit by ICSE syllabus, your options are very few. In my opinion HPS begumpet is best. Huge campus, good focus on sports. Less stress. Gitanjali begumpet is also good school. Bnvkh


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