Keystone school Vs sancta Maria

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Sathya45 2019-04-29 16:45:43


We visited keystone last week after being referred by a friend. Though we have liked the curriculum and pbl we were in a fix between sancta Maria and keystone. We are yet to finalise and are still thinking about wether to go with which one and meanwhile we got to know that sancta Maria principal has changed again. This is one thing I feel is advantageous about keystone that the founder and the principal are same and that there will not be a change in the academic related things..can any parents from both the school please share your reviews about your experiences?

jeethvadde 2019-04-30 16:53:16


We visited keystone new campus today.... Looks like it will be completed by June. Academics wise for now keystone is the best for now when compared with any other neighbouring School's. Yes the director plays a vital role with their and that definitely is an advantag.we moved our kids from a different IB school to keystone today after seeing their new campus and got that trust. Staff was patient enough to deal with the parents. .

Prady0309 2019-05-13 18:54:56


Hi ..
whrre did u join ur child ? 
Please share me ur feed back 

Brisim 2019-05-17 08:15:14


Please give more details about keystone school. Do they have higher grades also. Where is the location of the school


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