Please give view on The Creek Planet School

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nithin07 2019-04-12 16:11:46


Hi All,

Today i visited The Creek school for my daughter's admission to class 3rd, if you can help me by providing views on this school then it will be a great help for me to decide on the good school for my kid's future.

Thanks in advance

r420574 2019-04-14 12:50:59


Hi nithin07, My kid is studying in Creek venus campus. School is kind of ok. Strength wise. Each section has 35-40 students and have up to 12 sections per grade. Academics: They follow CBSE curriculum and the publishers they usually follow are mostly private. NCERT is restricted only for II / III rd language. Campus : Venus campus is bit big enough and have activities like Skating, tennis and swimming(only bubbling ) Fees: For the new joinees, fees will be up to 1.2 excluding for field trips / excursions.

nithin07 2019-06-04 20:34:25


Hi, sry for the late reply, thanks for your advice. actually I'm in confusion of the mixed reviews of this school, as u said ur kid is in the same school u will know better, I need your suggestion in study wise, I joined my daughter in Neptune campus. Will be great to hear from you. Nithin


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