Complaint against GIIS uppal

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1626 2019-03-25 21:56:31


Hi all Kindly do not admit your kids in this school. We r having a very bad experience. My two kids r stuying there.Their transport department is the worst . No activities as mentioned in the ad. Studies r also not up to the mark. Theres no use sending kids so far.

2780 2019-03-31 18:23:35


Hi 1626,

  please share ur experience as i am thinking to join my son and also as i am shifting from Singapore to hyderabad so i need ur valuable advice on best CBSE school where i can get admission to class Vll
Thanks in advance

1626 2019-04-01 15:51:43


Hi 2780

My son is also in grade 7 presently, but he has not gained anything since past 2 yrs. Academically, the school is bad. Neither curiosity nor reasoning is encouraged in students. Moreover they do not have trained staff to teach sports. since 2 yrs my sons r in swimming class and they did not reach perfection yet. same with football and cricket. they have huge ground but students r not allowed to play there during recess. then whats the use of the ground? its just to show us and rob us of our money. better u opt for HPS ramantapur.



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