Delhi School of Excellence DSE Manikonda - Hyderabad

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1919 2019-03-18 10:07:18


My Kid studying in this school since 4 years.  I think This is a 5th Academic year since they started.

I am okay with the Education and curriculum of the school but € but... school is charging huge increment in the fee structure and Transport.  

As common with all schools .. they too charge some more amount on the name of Building Development fee.

DSE Manikonda, doesn't have enough play ground to accommodate their kids.  Both school building and small ground are based on Lease.  Not sure till how many years and what happen if they have to relocate it.

Most important is the huge building stair case is very narrow for kids or staff or walk in both directions parallelly. And not good sign in terms of emergency.

Conclusion :   

I feel that the fee that all parents are paying and the infrastructure they have , building , narrow stair case and small play ground at such traffic based interior location is not at all matching and the SCHOOL MANAGEMENT should think of this 10 times while they decide to Hike fee.   

I came to know that 40+ year Old  near by school OASIS ( CBSE) does charge fee  Half of DSE - Manikonda. and Oasis has spacious buildings and huge Ground for kids to flourish than just academics.

Haihoney 2019-03-18 12:11:58


Hair Even i also have the same opinion especially regarding picking aswell as droping the kids to the school school management should focus on the parking of the vehicles the road is so congested and they never take the kids in to the playground, the teachers r more authoritave to the kids they fell it is decline and respect , some teachers have done't even manners call the kids as monkey, pig, buffalo... They don't think if the kids call back them as they r calling , so many complaints ant the school thank u so much for expressing ur conclusion .


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