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ferrari 2010-10-11 17:49:02


I saw this group recently and liked it very much, Thanks for forming such a nice group. We are coming back to India by the end of this month. I want to join my daughter (D.O.B - 06/06/06) in a CBSE school in and around KPHB colony, Hyderabad. Can anybody suggest some good schools and let me know if I can get an admission in the middle of the year i.e from November of this year for LKG.


I also want to know when the admissions for next year (UKG) will begin.



mickey 2010-10-12 22:42:45


Hi Manasa,

Admissions in LKG and UKG are done in the month of Nov/Dec. A few schools give application forms in the last week of october too.

This is the appropriate time to call up and find out. For mid term admissions in LKG (in Nov) you have chances in Ladders or Meridian in Kukatpally ,Vikas-The Concept School and Sentia -The Global in Miyapur  and The Creek in Bachupally.

Meridian is expensive out of all the schools. I have read good reviews about Meridian (Kukatpally) in this forum. You can visit these schools when u come down and decide.

It is better, you call up tthe above mentioned schools too for mid term admissions.You can get the numbers from their websites   

Though the chances in DAV(kukatpally) are remote , please give it a try.

Chances are bright in class1 than UKG in schools like Chirec, DAV (Kukatpally), Sangamitra (Nizampet Road), JHPS and BVB as there will be additional vacancies for class 1.



ferrari 2010-10-15 17:31:34


Thanks for the info Mickey, what about Obul reddy, sangamitra, MVM, vignan vidyalayam, Gautam and chaitanya concept schools?  Are these schools cbse syllabus? How do you rate Obul Reddy, MVM,  sangamitra and DAV in the scale of 1 -10?

If we r not able to get the mid term admissions in the cbse schools that u mentioned can u suggest some other good schools where we can join my daughter for this year (Nov to April) in LKG.


mickey 2010-10-16 09:22:13


Hi Manasa,
The chances of mid term admissions are bright  in all the schools that I have mentioned with websites in the above post. Obul Reddy is in Banjara Hills and would be far for  you. The chances of getting  now in Obul Reddy, Sangamitra and DAV are remote.  As I mentioned earlier, you can always try for class 1 or call them up even now if there is any vacancy for LKG this year.  There is no harm in trying. You need to check out the transport of Obul Reddy too .

Obul Reddy, Sangamitra , DAV , MVM are equally good  and easy on pocket. You can  prefer any of them . MVM 's Principal has been awarded the prestigious CBSE National Award-2009.  She is very dynamic and is known for her innovative ways. Vignan Vidyalam can be preferred after these schools.

Sri Chaitanya Techno school at Kuktpally follows CBSE till class V and then follows SSC from class VI onwards. These schools integrate  CBSE and  ICSE  curriculum from  class VI onwards and  give more importance to academics than extra-curricular activities.  Gautam  Model School, I think is a SSC school , pl check out as I am not sure.

 Apart from these, there are couple of State schools too near Kukatpally, where you can try . I don't think so,  the need will arise as  iam sure you will get in one of the CBSE schools ,mentioned above like Sentia, The Creek , Ladders ,Vikas , Meridian,Vignan . In MVM ( Chances are  50-50) now.  I have no idea about State schools in and around Kukatpally/Miyapur.  In State schools, telugu is compulsory. It is a second language. if you are okay with it, you can try for SSC schools too.





verusingh 2015-01-11 10:12:20


frnds even i need a school having cbse course with class 11 and 12 i am writing 10 bord this year in raos and my dad want to join me in s school having cbse course having all the good features school should be near my kuktpally ......... guys plg inform me thxxxx
even plg give the fee sturture also 
............. thx 


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