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OliveTree 2019-03-01 19:13:08


hi everyone,
    I€™m looking for a good school for my little boy (age 2 - Dec 2016 born). We are strongly considering HPS Ramanthapur, Little Flower Uppal and Johnson Grammar School (Habsiguda). There is a big luck element to gaining admission in all these schools (lottery) so please can you let me know if there are any other good schools nearby? 

We don€™t want academic hothouses, just looking for a school that focuses on all round development with lots of extracurriculars. 

HPS: How does the admissions process work? I understand the applications will be given in November and they will draw a lottery for admission. Will I get the application forms easily or do people queue overnight? 

Please can you share any relevant info? 

Thanks in advance. 

OliveTree 2019-03-08 18:57:54



anonymoushyd 2019-03-10 21:09:33


HPS Ramanthpur admissions were started in Nov last year, should have been closed by now. You missed it as this is the first time the branch started pre-primary.You can look at JGS (that too may be not Hasiguda branch, for it is late for admissions I believe)


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