Schools in Hyderabad with good NCC representation and support for kids (inlcuding girls schools)

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anonymoushyd 2019-02-27 09:20:46


Dear all,Kindly share your knowledge on schools encouraging kids for NCC ( and also similar activities) and strong representation at state and national levels for NCC without any gender differentiation.
Are there any girls schools which have representation for NCC?
Does schools like St Anns, St Joseph etc (missionary) also have representations for NCC?

My intention of this thread is only for schools in Hyderabad.Earliest reviews and comments awaited.
Thanks in advance

anonymoushyd 2019-02-27 09:32:17


I am generally aware of below schools in Hyderabad for representation in NCC (in general, not specific to any branch):
Hyderabad Public school
Kendriya Vidyalaya
Bharatiya Vidya BhavanDAV public school

Kindly add/correct above information.


anonymoushyd 2019-03-01 08:55:14


Dear Mickey,
Request you to guide me on this.I am looking for schools where opportunity to take part in NCC is provided and especially those that are active in NCC.
I could see below schools also mention it on their website:Secunderabad public schoolFIIT JEE world school (but it is not clear about which branch handles NCC activities/active in that)



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