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amomwhocares 2010-10-10 15:39:45


Hi- We are planning to move to Hyd from US schools, grade 4 and grade 3, can anyone recommend schools based on their experience.I prefer a school that is not too competetive. I am emphasizing on IB or ICSE since my kids cannot read or write any other second language apart from English. So we need a school that is either starting to teach second language from a higher grade or has some way to compensate for it. I would love for them to learn another language, read and write but I want to make sure they have time to learn so am not setting them up for failure, since it willbe a change even to move to a different country/school gthat they are used to. But again this may be the best time to move if they need to grow up with our culture and family around. Hence the decision. But again it will help largelky if they are comfortable in the school and hence the questions.  Any school with good curriculum and teachers is preferable. I heard most schools are adopting good curriculum but teachers are not good so instruction suffers.

Anyone who has also moved from US in the higher grades like I plan to do and has settled down well in a school please responsd. I really realy appreciate that. Thanks in advance,

mickey 2010-10-13 12:49:41


Hi amomwhocares,

The transition for your kids would be easier in Oakridge International (IGCSE)  at Gachibowli ,Sreenidhi International or International school of Hyderabad at Patancheru. These schools provide special orientation classes for languages. You can try in Jain Heritage -a Cambrdige school too in Kondapur and Orchids International.

Orchids has only CBSE curriculum with different international langauge options.

You can read review of Sreenidhi International school  by Shrini

You can get in touch with Srini through parentree inbox. Her kids are studying in Sreenidhi.

Chirec also has IB curriculum. .CHIREC  is also affiliated  to the UNIVERSITY of CAMBRIDGE International Examinations (CIE)  apart from CBSE.

You can get in touch with ShailajaKaranam through inbox. She can also help you out with IGCSE and IB curriculum as she conducts workshops for these curriculums. She trains her son at home in IB curriculum. She has returned from US recently.




shads 2010-11-01 10:56:24


Hi amomwhocares,

          we moved to mumbai when my daughter was in gr 1. she is in gr 3 now ; although my daughter is going to a cie school here she has other languages like hindi , french and also marathi.



kavyashi 2016-04-11 07:59:35


Dear Mickey
So much to see ,so much to learn.
We are planning to relocate to Hyderabad for a few years and looking for International schools for my children,They will join grade 2 this summer.So far between spanking,bad teachers,lavish infrastructure details,I am drowning in information and getting more anxious!

Having lived in US and China(international school ,US curriculum);I am looking at a school that can make transition for my kids easier hopefully in IB or IGCSE programs.I see ISH,Chirec,Oakridge,Indus; more suggestions?If they learn Hindi /Telegu along the way ,great! International crowd will be a welcome ,they are familiar with that.We will look at houses after we finalize the school.Any recommendations or direct reference will be highly appreciated. Thankyou for the wonderful website,stumbled upon it by chance and I am glad I did. 


mickey 2016-04-11 19:10:17


Hi Kavyashi,
The credit goes to Sathya and Shobha  who own this website..:)... and thanks to all parents for their inputs which has made Parentree so informative. 

You will find many reviews which is sometimes very confusing...:)... but surely help in getting to know the schools better and in taking decision. It is always better to visit, take the feedback in person and then decide.

You could try Manthan International. Many parents and students are liking this school. Fees is less when compared to Chirec and Oakridge. You could see fee details in it's website.
Other schools which could be considered are:-

Sancta Maria in Serillingampally ,
Sreenidhi International in Aziz Nagar ,
Niraj  International in Kompally

If you stay in Hi-Tech City, you could prefer Manthan, Oakridge , Chirec, Sancta Maria, Sreenidhi.  
Niraj would be very far. 

ISH is the oldest Intl school in Hyd. It would be quite far for 2nd grade kids unless you plan to stay near BHEL. You will also find GIIS( Global Indian International School) in Patancheru.
You could call up the interested schools, fill the enquiry form in the website and know the admission formalities. 


mickey 2016-04-11 20:01:06


Hi Kavyashi, 
You will find international crowd at ISH. Students are from 28 countries and 34% ISH staff is from 12 countries. It is one of the oldest and established international schools. Fees is on the higher side and mentioned in its website. . You will find many expat kids here.

I forgot to mention in my previous post.

kavyashi 2016-04-12 07:40:41


Thankyou for your reply,you made my day :)

I had recieved reply from ISH and Indus and Oakridge.

I will contact Sancta Maria in Serillingampally ,Sreenidhi International in Aziz Nagar ,Niraj  International in Kompally  as well

I was suggested by a expat friend to see Mosaica,your views?I hardly saw any reviews on it ...


mickey 2016-04-13 15:28:12


Hi Kavyashi,
Mosaica is comparatively new. I hv seen good reviews as such. I don't know much about Mosaica.


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