Looking for Good schools near Attapur / Mehndipatnam area for my daughter

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rahulcat 2010-10-10 13:22:52


Hi All,

I am looking for good schools near Attapur / Mehndipatnam area for my 5 year old daughter . We are currently in Germany and plan to settle down in above area from next May onwards . My daugter would be 5.5 years old by that time. She goes to a Kindergarten here in germany.

Some questions on which I want help are

1. when is the admission process starts in Hyderabad ( I guess 5.5 years is good enough age for 1st Standard in India

2. When actual sessions begin in schools in Hyderbad ? Do we have different sessions for LKG/UKG and 1st standard onwards

Any help on these two topics and good schools in above mentioned area will be highly appreciated







mickey 2010-10-11 12:54:04


Hi Rahul,

You will not find any good high school (CBSE or ICSE) in Attapur/Mehdipatnam area. Your daughter will have to travel around 20 to 40 min depending on the school you choose.

There is an International School at Shaikpet  near  Tolichowki/Attapur which follows ICSE. You can get in touch with akki2010(Akshita) through parentree inbox to know more about this school. However she was not happy after joining her daughter here as it wasn't upto the International Std as promised.

Glendale Academy in Bandlaguda is good. The school is around 9 to 10km from Attapur. However many parents have told that the school is good till 5th. Please have a look at this school when you come. Admission as such will not be a problem in this school.

You can opt for JHPS (Jubilee Hills Public school) or BVB in Jubilee Hills(Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan) which is around 10km from Attapur.  However admissions in these schools is very tough. The intial fee is high in JHPS but very less subsequently. Same is the case with BVB.  As such the admission fee in BVB is not that high.

Apart from these two, you can try in Meridian in Banjara  Hills. The school will be around 8 to 9 km. It is easy to get admission here. It is an expensive school compared to JHPS and BVB.

You can alsy try in DPS or Oakridge ( in khajaguda )Madhapur. There are many routes to Attapur from Khajaguda. The shortest would be from Golconda /Quli Qutub Shahi tombs. It would be around 8 to 9 km. Check out the route too with DPS if interested. DPS has a fleet of buses on different routes.

Oakridge is an International school and follows CBSE as well as IGCSE. It is expensive than DPS. DPS is equally good.

If interested in ICSE, Future kids at Puppalguda will be near for you.

The admission process in many schools start from Feb/Mar /April onwards.

Please call up the schools and see to it that the forms are collected and you are here with your daughter before the assessment tests and interview.

The new academic session begins in June 1st week or second week  for all classes including Pre-primary (ie. Nursery, LKG and UKG)

Below are the websites of schools that I mentioned.

www.internationalschoolhyd.org   (Shaikpet)


Hope this helps.




scorp 2010-12-12 14:17:53


 Hi Mickey,

You were always indicating that many parents have told that the higher classes in Glendale are not good.  I could not actually read anything like that directly coming from any concerned parents. In fact, on the contrary, I have read that one of the parent asid that they have removed their children from DPS and admitted them in Glendale in higher classes and they are very happy.   Could you please help me get some more authentic information on this as I am considering of admitting my children in higher classes in Glendale.




mickey 2010-12-13 18:22:44


Hi Scorp,

Please get in touch with Jinx in the below thread.



As such, i too have heard good reviews about it from parents but all whose children are in lower classes. So iam not sure of higher classes.

There are exhaustive good reviews about this school too. Please go thru below link.






Jaswitha 2014-12-09 15:29:46


Hi mickey..can u pls give any information regarding army public school ,suncity..and also good schools information around suncity and shaikpet for my daughter to b joined in first class ..pls help..


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