Hyderabad Public School HPS Ramanthapur Vs Jonson Grammer ICSE Habsiguda

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PK15 2019-01-21 11:54:31


Dear All,

We have verified and tried many schools like Aurobindo,BVB,DPS,Jubli public and we are stopped at two options. 1. HPS Ramanthpur CBSE 2. Jonson Grammer ICSE Habsiguda.
We are not much concerned about board and below are my few differences, please provide your feedback which is good.

1. JGS have small play ground but HPS has huge play ground.
2. JGS 1:28/30 student ratio but HPS 1:22/25.
3. JGS have 12-15 sections but HPS 3-6 sections.
4. JGS have school transport but HPS no school transport.
5. JGS may cost 1 to 1.2 lac per year including tranport and books uniform, HPS may 1.2 to 1.6 but HPS provide food.
6. Few years back we have negative news about drugs etc in HPS Begumpet but we choosen HPS Ramanthpur.

Me interested in JGS bu my husband interested in HPS. We have time till 25th Jan 2019.


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