Future Kids Vs Prerana Waldorf and CBSE vs ICSE

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AnuVamsi 2019-01-19 17:55:04



I am in a confused state to choose a better school for my kids. I have 2 kids who are going to 7th (my son) and LKG (daughter) for coming academic year. Currently my son goes to DPS Nacharam, CBSE and my little one goes to nursery in a school nearby home We are at Vanasthalipuram and now planning to move to Gachibowli or Kondapur area depending on the school.
We have visited Prerana Waldorf school and liked it a lot. For my younger one definitely it will a wonderful school I believe. For my son, being a 7th grader, I am thinking if it is a good choice or not. Please advice me.
Also, if compared, which school is better Future kids or Prerana?
How the change would be if I join him in ICSE from CBSE?
Which school is better if I compare NASR boys and Future Kids?
Do we have any Math and Science coaching institutes near by Gachibowli and Kondapur from class 9?

I know I have lot of questions, but if anyone can provide inputs, that would be a great help for me to choose right school for him.

Thanks in advance.

vsumanreddy 2019-01-22 12:03:40


Anuvamsi, Even your looking for admission for GRADE1 in Prerana did you get any feedback on this school?

himaja007 2019-01-22 18:46:48


My kid studied in Prerana for about 2 years until his 2nd grade. Unfortunately, we had to move him to a different school due to relocation.
Else, would have continued him in the same school.

Prerana falls into the alternative school category where teaching is based upon Waldorf methodology (click on the link for more info).

It is affiliated to CBSE.

In general, joining in a School like Prerana will enable the child to grow in an environment where education is activity based and stress-free.
It also requires a level of involvement from the parents as well.

I believe standardised evaluation starts from Middle / high school levels.

However, what I can say is kids enjoy going to school and participate in activities in this system. 

If you / your kids aim is to be become a doctor / engineer and prep for competitive exams like JEE etc, Waldorf system is not for you.

However, kids will  have the independence and have the maturity to decide what they wanted to become in life at the right time.

Please also do not compare Waldorf student with regular school one because both are entirely different with each other.


AnuVamsi 2019-01-23 08:38:41


vsumanreddy, I heard its a wonderful school. We have visited that school. For the primary education I personally would strongly recommend it. My concern is about my son who is going to grade 7. I still believe its a good place for him too. But hearing multiple opinions from people saying that he would not be able to compete with other students when he goes to 11th and 12th classes. I need inputs on that part to take a decision for him.

AnuVamsi 2019-01-23 08:45:56


himaja007, Thank you so much for your inputs. When we were thinking about schooling for kids, we thought of a school like this for my son. We joined him in Lab school, OU campus. Its a wonderful school. Later we went to US and he was there for about 4 years. 
Now as he is into middle school, I am thinking if Prerana would be a good choice for him or not. And its too early for us and for him to decide what he want to be in life. We are okay with whatever he want to do in life, not forcing him on something.
As of now he says he wants to become an Astronaut. But he is not like very hard working types. His grades are always A or A+.
The point I like is, kids will be independent and matured enough about their life. But for my son, as he takes everything very easy, is this the best place or not.
Please advice.

vsumanreddy 2019-01-23 15:56:52


Thanks, Himaja for detailed info, I had the only concern with Physical activty..the school ground seems to be very small. Do the kids in that school have good physical activity?

vsumanreddy 2019-01-23 16:05:26


Thanks, Anu for your suggestion. I had the only concern with physical activity as they have small ground. 

stressfreeparent 2021-09-20 21:36:03


Dear Anu,

How are you?

We are moving from Boston to Hyderabad next year. But, i am confused about the schools. Can you please help me in this regards?

My son is going to be 5th grade and my younger one is Kindergarten next year (if he is in US, i don't know whether he goes to 1st grade in
Indian system).

I saw your posting on the Prerana Waldorf school. I am wondering if you joined your kid in this school?
Can you please share your kind experience, which will be very helpful.

Thank you.



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