Need feedback about samashti international school and globaledge kollapur

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lakshmi1011 2019-01-13 21:43:21


we are  planning to join our kid in Samashti international school.Please share your feed back about Samashti .

Thank  you  

deepakgudla 2019-01-14 11:51:20


We admitted out kid in Samashti international school for grade 1 for next academic year.

lakshmi1011 2019-01-14 13:19:47


Hi thanks for your response. Did you talk to any of the parents in samashti school? Do u have any idea about global edge kokapet branch? We are planning to join our kid in 1st standard.

deepakgudla 2019-01-14 14:04:38


Yes, we spoke with 2 parents and they both said, the school is good with respect to teaching and overall development. This is 8yrs old school with pure CBSE curriculum. Infra is good.

I am not sure about Global Edge school. 

SravanthiP 2019-01-14 15:13:20


Hi Deepak, we are also seeking admission for grade 1 for my daughter. Considering samasti school, how is the school academics ,infra,and fee.Recently, we visited globaledge kokapet, their fees are including all deposits,it's 2lakhs. So before visiting school i want take parents review, Because of distance to tavel with my months baby.

deepakgudla 2019-01-14 16:58:30


Hi sravanthi,

As discussed with other parents, school academics are good. We checked the infra and it is well planned. We liked the school. Food mandatory. Their kitchen is hygiene and maintained well.  What i liked is this school is pure CBSE and no IB and all extra stuff. And 3rd Language will be from Grade 1 to Grade 8. I am happy that my son will learn Telugu /Hindi for 8 years.  Fees details are below.

Uploaded image


SravanthiP 2019-01-14 21:36:52


Thank you Deepak for your quick reply. Apart from these fee's ,are they charging any other fee's like activity fee or school essential.fee's etc.

deepakgudla 2019-01-14 22:42:37


As the school informed, there are no other fees. Ofcourse, there is fees for books, stationary and uniforms. This could be around 10k.

Rams3536 2019-01-15 13:04:47


one of my colleague's son also studies in Samasthi and she seems to be a very happy parent. 

lakshmi1011 2019-01-16 11:52:32


Hi Sravanthi, Can you please share feedback about global edge kokapet

SravanthiP 2019-01-19 10:58:33


Hi lakshmi,
we went for Grade 1 Admission enquiry. As per their explanation of details fee details:
Grade 1 Fee:

Activity Fee-25,000
Caution Deposit: 10,000
Tuition fee: 1,10,000(3 terms)
Transport: 31,500(10 km region)(optional)
Food: 31,500 (optional)
Extra fee(School uniforms,books, etc) = 12000 around not exactly

Building is under Construction (2 floors completed,running on these floors only). Playground space is ok.
we didn't get chance to check all rooms because of holidays. Kids need to go through assessment after that principal interaction


deepakgudla 2019-01-19 11:40:02


Hi Sravanthi, what have you decided? Have you joined in Samashti or Global edge?

BhargaviRam 2019-01-19 15:05:30


Hi, We joined our kid in Samashti for Grade1.Thanks for the response and feedback given. Regards, Bhargavi

SravanthiP 2019-01-19 16:22:52


Hi Deepak, mostly we want to go with Samasti, but only the thing we are thinking is travelling time ,almost 1 he 30.mins daily.

deepakgudla 2019-01-19 17:10:30


Hello Bhargavi, you are welcome. Hello Sravanthi, distance is always concern. Currently, my son is going to a school of about 10.5kms in Bangalore since LKG. Ofcourse, you may know that, in Bangalore, distance will be measured in time due to traffic. My son will take almost 1 hr one way. But he is enjoying the bus ride from the day one. So we are comfortable to send our kid for 10kms distance, but not more than that. Whatever be the time of travel, kid should enjoy and as a parent, you should feel comfortable. All the best. Hope you take the best decision.


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