Kennedy High The Global School - Hyderabad

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Moni14 2019-01-12 06:01:07


Yes..absolutely agree.. What do i tell you about the school..oh my god.. I have recently taken my girl to the admission into preprimary .. i am glad that i am not.putting her there.. that preprimary incharge or coordinator she was saying i think her name is smita i guess.. what an atttide she has..and god know why she has ..the way she spoke to another parent .. a boy has come for admission and he was scared to go along with her to the admission test as she was really having a very bad body language and definitely scaring the child.. when the boy said he dont like to go with her, guys cn u imagine what she did..she went inside a classroom and locked herself inside making a very big scene. She was so rude to everyone of us and i dont know how the management is def ear to all this..this is such a big issue and she is facing the parents representing kennedy preprimary?? Is this how she shows off the school? Is this the way they treat the children? I am happy i m nt putting my child in kennedy.. the management knows all this behaviour and still they let her work there? They are fine with it means so that teacher's behaviour is acceptable.. or the mnagement dosent even know what is happenning behind them? And how is the chair person not bothered about such big issue and no action has been taken against her..plz.plz parents beware ..dont assume that kenendy is a extraordinary not at is just any other school with a very bad head leading the preprimary team. Plz think before putting ur child there


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