Choosing the right school in LKG to avoid hassles during 1st Standard Admission in Hyderabad

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Care41 2019-01-08 03:36:28


Dear Friends,

Looking for an advice here. I have shifted to Hyderabad recently (in Alkapur township, Manikonda area) and doing some ground work for my daughter's admission. After a few preschool visits and thorough online research, I narrowed down my search. I realized that the reputed preschools (e.g.: Esparenza, Happy Days, Leap etc.) will probably help you initially so that your child gets used to going to schools etc (discipline) but on a long run, you might want to choose a full time biggie so that hassles of putting your child in class 1 reduces substantially. I have seen my friends struggle with this process so much! 

So, my question to all you kind hearts. Which school should be a good pick to put my daughter in (LKG) and then take it straight up from 1st std? I am open to either CBSE or ICSE curriculum. A few food for thoughts below. 

1) Hyderabad Public School (Begumpet) - HPS has it's true heritage and is a brand for itself. Any thoughts on how much they care for LKG/UKG (PP1) students? 

2) Scholars Academy (Alkapur Township) - They have two branches, one in Alkapur Township and the other in Manikonda and follow CBSE syllabus. Although it is located at a stone throwing distance from my home, I am a bit skeptical about their faculty and education system (found a lot of grammatical error on their official website!). Anyone with first hand experience with this school? Also, I hear they've increased fee structure significantly in 2018 (Rs 91K for class 1). 

3) DPS (Khajaguda) - This branch, in particular, has quite a few negative reviews online. Would have been a great choice due to close proximity but need some guidance please. Also, not sure if they give privilege in 1 Std admission to the students who studied UKG in campus. 

I am sure I might've missed some good schools, please add while my search is still on. Appreciate any suggestions and thoughts. Thanks! :-)

deepakgudla 2019-01-08 10:51:39


Hi, Many others might have different opinion, but i suggest to join the kid in normal school from LKG on wards. It might be expensive than play school. You can see a lot of difference between the kids going to play school and proper school from LKG. Currently we are in Bangalore and my son going to proper school from LKG. He has access to a good infrastructure, so he explored more and increased awareness.  Also as he is in the school system and it will be an easy transfer to grade 1 without any special attention

Now, we are moving to Hyderabad and i looked for schools around 10 KMS radius from nanakramguda. We finalyzed Samashti international school, (Kollur) for my son grade 1. I guess, this school will be around 10 kms from Alkapur colony. I recommend this school, if you dont have issue with transport. But believe me, the kids will learn more in bus than in the school. Currently, my son is travelling around 11KMs in Bangalore and also he travel about the same distance in hyderabad, as we are looking for house in Nallagandla (10KMS from Samashti school). He loves school bus and every day its fun to watch his smile when he saw his bus. 

Hope my inputs might help you. All the best.

Care41 2019-01-09 00:59:43


Hi @deepakgudla - This is very helpful and I agree with you on the fact that admitting in a proper school is always a better approach. The Samasti International School may not be the best bet for me as of now due to the distance. It is about 20KM away from my residence. Glad that you found Samasti that suits your need :-) All the best and thanks again for your insights! 

deepakgudla 2019-01-09 08:15:00


oh, i thought the distance is 10KMs. If it is 20KMs, transport can be avoided. Then check the schools like, Global Edge and Rockwell international in Kokapet. The Sri rama Universal school, nanakramguda is also good, but fees is on higher side. (around 2.3 Lac incl. food n transport)
Future Kids, Financial district is good school for ICSE. 


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