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Nag2019 2019-01-06 22:38:55


can some one suggest a good school near Miyapur, hyderabad. I am thinking of St Martins high School. how good it is? can you please share your thoughts. i can pay till 1.2lkh inc transport.

Sachin11 2019-01-07 16:11:55


Hi Nag,

I also stay in Miyapur and hunting good schools for UKG admission.  We've visited a few schools and here are my observations.

1) Sentia & Silver Oaks: Pretty good schools in terms of both academic and extracurricular. Parent/Teacher ratio is 1:30 and their campus is big enough to accommodate outdoor games. Annual Fee is around 1.4Lacs for Silver Oaks & Sentia 1.2lacs. Unfortunately, admissions in both the schools are over, hence you can only try in a 2020-21 academic year.

2) DPS Miyapur: Again, infra wise it's a good school and luckily the day we visited their premise it was their sports day, hence we could see their staff and all outdoor arrangements. I was pretty impressed with their outdoor activities and everything seemed planned. Took a tour of the entire school and the classrooms were spacious enough to accommodate students. Their annual fee is around 1.50 lacs (including everything) and the admissions are still open. The only problem is timings for UKG is 8 to 3:30 which we found a bit odd and also distance wise it takes 45-50 mins from Miyapur.

3) Unicent: The first impression of the school was decent where they have an average space for outdoor activities and the classrooms were very build and accommodated with innovative study styles. We were not convinced with the counselor interaction, hence decided not to pursue further as she was least interested to answer our queries.  Annual fees: 1.40 (Includes everything). You can visit the school and take a call as the admissions are still open.

4) Ganges Valley: By the time we reached the school was closed but we interacted with a few parents and got a quite positive response. 
Admissions are open and the annual fee is 1.50 lacs 

Unfortunately, the admission in most of the good schools (Silver Oaks, Sentia and Kenedy) are over and we're still scratching our heads as where we admit our girl for this year. BTW, we also visited Tatva Global school and very impressed with the campus and their study pattern. They are charging on a higher side which is about 1.20 lacs (2 times Meal, Annual fee, and transportation), 60K Admission fee and 10-15K school uniform. Overall it will cost you 2lacs.

Hope this helps. Also, please share your views on St. Martins and if possible I will schedule a visit next week. 

Good Luck!



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