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Sachin11 2018-12-26 12:04:41


Dear Parents/Experts,

Presently I'm staying in Miyapur and finding decent schools for PP2. Thus far, I visited Tatwa Global and Kenedy and found the first one better in terms of academics & extracurricular activities.

This week, I'm going to visit Arbor Internation and Sentia. May I seek your advice on good schools in Miyapur, Kondapur or Kukatpally locality?


deepakgudla 2018-12-26 14:09:47


Hi Sachin11,

Last weekend, we checked almost all schools in the same areas. We are looking for Grade 1 admissions.
I didnt prefer Arbor, due to the direct feedback from the parents. I met three of them and everyone said, they are changing the school next year. 
I visited Sentia, Corner Stone and they said, admissions over for all classes. But the campuses are good. May be you can try. Also we visited Vikas Concept school, Vignan BO tree, Uniscent (Miyapur), Genesys. In all four, we liked Genesys, but admissions starts only after Jan 22nd and no transport available for new students.

In Kondapur and nearby, we visited Samskrithi, Kairos, Worldone, The Srirama Universal school, Global Edge (koakapet). Also visited Samashti (Kollur campus).
In the above, we liked Samashti. Currently, we are in Bangalore and will be shifting to Hyd in March. So we dont have any place restriction as of now. Also another option we have is Sadhana Infinity. We couldn't visit this as the school is closed by the time we reached. Once we visit Sadhana, we will take the final call.

If your budget permits, you can try Meru international school or Sadhana Inifnity. If can move from Miyapur, i recommend Samashti. 
All the best.

Sachin11 2018-12-26 15:58:50


Thanks Deepak for the quick turnaround, your comments were indeed helpful!

I've gone through Samashti web page and a few reviews, the school looks good to me, however, distance might be a constraint as it's 35KM from Miyapur (Own flat).  As suggested, I will visit Genesys and Samashti this weekend and will take a call accordingly.



deepakgudla 2018-12-26 17:00:57


Okay. If it is own flat, i dont recommend Samashti.  35 KMs one way is too much for such small kids.

You can try Genesys, if you are lucky, you might get a seat (low fees for value education and extra curricular activities)

If you can extend your budget, i recommend three schools in your area. Silver Oaks, Sentia and Corner Stone. To my badluck, admissions are over for Grade 1 in these schools. you can call and check for PP2.
If the admissions are over for all the schools, I have a suggestion for you. Join your kid in some good play school near home for PP2. Next year, you can try from October/November onward with one of them. Good luck.

user2019 2018-12-30 16:20:20


Sachin - Are you sure you are looking at the distance correct ? There are 2 routes and school bus usually goes through Tellapur. So distance from miyapur x roads is just 16 KMS.

deepakgudla 2018-12-31 11:38:49


Hello user2019,

I would like to talk to you regarding the bus roots of Samashti. If possible, can you please share your number at deepakgudla@gmail.com? It is urgent and I need to take the call at the earliest. thank you 

Sachin11 2018-12-31 15:21:07



I checked the exact distance from my place to Samashti Int'l school and as per Google Map, the shortest route shows 28KM. But again this route has tolls and the school bus will not be using the ORR route, hence if it commutes via the city the minimum distance is 32.2KM.

I used the following location to track the distance.


BTW, did you decide or find any other good school, if yes, please share your thoughts?

Thanks and wishing you an amazing 2019.!!

deepakgudla 2018-12-31 17:01:28


Hi Sachin, school bus route is always different from Google maps. As per the school transport in charge,, they can reach Nallagandla/tellapur in 30 - 40 mins from school. I am not sure how long the school bus takes from there to Miyapur. Or there might be other route to Miyapur. So, better check with school before taking decision.

Sachin11 2019-01-07 16:31:50


Thanks Laya for the heads up!  Can you please share the school fee structure and Parent Teacher ratio? Also, how did you find the school in terms of extracurricular activities?

Sachin11 2019-01-11 17:15:28


After a lot of brain boggling and visiting almost 9-10 schools, I've zeroed out the following schools. May I request parents to please provide their candid feedback on the school atmosphere, academic and extracurricular activities.

1) Tatwa Global Kukatpally: A big campus with ample extracurricular activities and good academic feedback by parents. However, the location of the school is a bit turn off as it has been surrounded by umpteen construction sites. Annual fee including food, transportation, and one-time admission comes to 1.86P.A

2) Ganges Valley: New school which is certainly trying to expand wing in the education industry. Their faculty looks promising and the infra is good. However, I got mixed reviews about this school.  Again, innovative education technique followed by numerous outdoor/indoor activities. Annual fee around 1.80 PA

3) Arbor Int'l: More of academics than extracurricular. Met a few parents and they spoke high about the school but I'm not impressed the way the school is managed and we're not allowed to see the classroom environment. Per them, once you clear the interview with the principal then only you will have an opportunity to see the premise. (sounded weird to me)

4) Sadhana Infinity School: Haven't visited the school yet but my spouse is not convinced as it's pretty far from my place.

I'm staying in Miyapur and in a year or 2 I move to Kukatpally (own home), hence, would like to explore schools in Kukatpally, Kondapur, and Miyapur area. I'm very confused as I've been digging into lots of schools and their review on Parentree. 

Your opinions will certainly help me to get rid of this dilemma.



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