Which school Gaudium, Sancta maria or rockwell

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Ck12345 2018-12-16 10:39:23


Hi guys , Can someone on plzz help us. Like lot of parents in this group we are also very confused. My kids r in icse right now in bangalore. Looking for admission in class 1 and class 4. Saw a few schools Didnt like chirec's infra at all. I am quite surprised why so many people r going for Chirec. Maybe i am wrong. But i am quite surprised what i am reading is a lot about chirec qnd manthan. Infra in both schools is not at all impressive (atleast as compared to our current school) So we shortlisted sacnta maria, rockwell and Gaudium. Please someone with personal experience help us finalize the school . We r looking for school with decent infrastructure and not focusing on studies. Thanks a lot in advance. A confused parent ˜˜

Ck12345 2018-12-16 11:16:00


I mean focus should not be only on studies Ÿ™' overall development is our main criteria. Thanks


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