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Manasa122 2018-12-13 16:51:04


Does anyone know the fee structure for Kalpa Banjara Hills branch? Also share the reviews about the school

124567 2019-01-07 00:31:12


Hi manasa I inquired the fee details.. Help me with your email id... Will send the picture

VinodRaj 2019-01-07 15:13:51



I submitted the application form today for PP2 and 2nd std, please help me with feedback or reviews.


Vadul123 2019-01-17 15:32:49


Hi im looking for UKG admission please le me know the fee structure

VinodRaj 2019-01-17 17:00:19


Fee is around 80 - 85k per annum, plus caution deposit of 5k and around 10k for books/stationery

parentpri 2019-01-17 20:22:26



can anyone tell me if can still apply for Kalpa school? this is for PP1. are the admissions closed?

Parnrd123 2019-03-11 19:47:24


shashikakra@gmail.com can you please share here

124567 2019-03-11 21:09:27


28k*3 and 5k caution deposit...uniform n books extra bt admissions are closed in kalpa


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