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afnshad 2018-12-03 17:08:52



I am looking for Grade 1 admission of my son. I have found International School Shaikpet is quite reasonable in terms of fees offering ICSE curriculum with no donation.
I have heard that it is a bit crowded and intake per section is 60 but when I personally visited and asked at office they said it will be 35 to 40 students per section, which looks fine to me.
I would like to know:

Is it a good school in terms of academics/results/co curricular activities?
Any particular reason of charging such a reasonable fees where other schools are demanding in lakhs, I mean, are there any negatives or serious issues?

Is it difficult to get admission here? I am sure there is no lottery system.

They said they will start admissions in the month of Jan, I am afraid if I wait till that time, I may miss chance to get admission in other school which are good but charging a bit higher fees though.

I would really appreciate if some one can guide who has join their ward to this school or have near ones in this school.

Please suggest.

atat 2019-01-05 08:17:19


Hello Arshad,

Did you get admission in International School? even I am in same dilemma... let me know your thoughts if you got any reviews on this or any other ICSE school near by.



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