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MSChandra 2018-11-28 01:34:27


Hi All,

I am planning to join my kid in Grade I for the next academic year. When inquired, i was told that there are 5 sections for Grade I (A,B,C,D,E). Parents who have joined their kids in the last couple of years could be the best ones to advise. Did you find the Teacher to Student ration has increased? with the number of sections increasing? How focused are the teachers and care about students individual needs?. I am going to the extent of buying a flat near by the school to join my elder kid in Grade I, followed by my younger one in the kinder garden next year. I plan to shift from KPHB to Kondapur to reduce the expenses and time spent on transportation. Your expert guidance will be much appreciated.

Asha20 2019-03-27 23:38:47


Hi My kid is in grade 2, I have joined her 2 years back. The staff is very friendly and updates all the activities and progress through app and Facebook. I have seen the confidence in my child after joining school, there is a tremendous change. Academics I felt it's little high for kids level but the school and staff puts lot of effort so that children understands in a smarter way. And the no. Of field trips and activities increased the interest and love for my kid towards the school. Ms. Beena is the coordinator for grades and 2 and she coordinates so well with the teachers and parents, and she is always there for any concerns. Teachers even take carebof food habits of the kids very well, my kid started liking vegetables after joining sanskriti. I am totally happy with my decision to join in sanskriti.

vijkumaran 2019-03-28 21:35:22


My kids have been studying in Sanskriti for the last one year and definitely now we are very confident that our kids future is going to be secure with the way the school is working towards the betterment of every student. The school provides opportunities to its students for both academics as well in extra curricular activities. Truly appreciate the holistic approach used by the school. My kids have learnt to eat the right kind of food without any fuss and the credit for it goes to the teachers and the management. As a parent attending the school's annual event "Kaushalya" gave me an insight into the working of the school and the amount of effort the school is putting to shape our children into confident individuals.The new curriculum introduced, the activities, field trips are thoroughly enjoyed by my children. As a parent, I am happy and also a little relieved when I heard that Sanskriti has introducing Vocational and Foundation Course for competitive exams. It will give my children to opt for the subjects of their interest and am sure the school will help them choose the right path. 


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