Bhavans Jubliee hills LKG admission 2019-2020

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Swapnil33 2018-11-06 17:37:09


Hello Everyone,

Can anyone help us with application form dates for BVB Jubliee hills?
We tried reaching school but not able to receive any information.


Swapnil33 2018-11-07 13:10:13


Guys, anyone has info?

Swapnil33 2018-11-08 12:12:52


Keeping this thread open.

sandhyapogu 2018-11-09 16:20:22


Hi Swapnil,
     They might release notification for PP1 last week of November or first week of December. This is information got from my friend and his son is studying PP1 in the same school. I am also waiting for notification for my kid.
     Will keep posted here, if there is any update.


Swapnil33 2018-11-09 18:40:04


Thanks sandhya for information, lets keep this theead open for benefit of all parents who are willing to take chance in bhavans lottery :)

Eeesha 2018-11-10 16:42:22


I am also looking for 1st class admission for my daughter. Needed the same info. Can anyone post any relevant info please.

Swapnil33 2018-11-11 23:54:11


Hello Guys, 

Please keep this thread open, so that we all are aware of the application form for Bhavans Jubliee hills.


Swapnil33 2018-11-12 14:38:58


Dear All, Heard from few folks, application forms will be issued in nov 18. We have to be updated and share as soon as we know. Thanks Swapnil

Gangarapu 2018-11-12 17:02:32


Hi All, the above information is about admission for class 1 Bhavans jubilee Hills branch, could you please let me know I just joined in this forum today only and am trying to join my daughter for class 1

MintPoint 2018-11-12 21:24:14


Just joined here.. Looking for an admission in PP1/LKG in BVB JH. Please share some information if you come across.

kushi83 2018-11-12 22:51:14


Nice meeting you all here..Just joined.. looking for admission for son in Bhavan's for 1st standard. can any one please share the details and admission process..

Thanks in advance.

sucheta2787 2018-11-14 09:57:48


Hi ,
I want to join my son into Class 2.

Can anyone help me with the admission procedure?


ksmitra 2018-11-14 13:14:19


Hi Everyone,

I am looking to join my kids in 1st and 6th grades in BVB Jubile Hills. Please help me with the admission procedure.



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