Reviews on DAV public school,kukatpally

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Anuhya 2018-10-22 13:44:12


What are your opinions on DAV public school, Kukatpally? I am looking for a good school that has branches in other cities too and with nominal fee structure(max we can afford is 60K per year). I am looking for an admission in Grade 1 for my son.

3131 2019-04-08 21:18:59


DAV Public school Vivekanandanagar is not meant for any other locality kids. It is restricted to In and around 2 KM radius kids only. This is the correct info about the school which is not displayed anywhere on the net. No one gives the right information about what's the actual status on admissions. Post 10 visits to the school and waiting for 3 hrs on a summer day, the school head says how can we provide admission if your vicinity falls beyond 2 km radius in just 3 mins. Disgusting. 

If head is like this, imagine the others. HIGHLY NOT RECOMMENDED.


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