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SudhirP 2018-08-23 14:39:32


Hi... can anyone please provide fees structure for The Gaudium School, Kollur for Grade 1.Need to have some idea as I am looking for admission for my kid in Grade 1 next year... Thanks, Sudhir

DebasishRoyHyd 2018-12-28 12:13:44


I checked today by calling their office. They are asking 165 K annual tuition fees for class 2. Transportation would be as per distance and can be 30-35 K max. For food approx. 24 K per year. Other than this they are asking 50 K deposit as caution money which is refundable and 5 K as admission/registration fees one time. Books/Uniforms are all additional. We plan to visit the school during January and can comment more.

Aparnaa 2019-02-13 23:42:08


i have three kids going to Gaudium. Food fees is really worth it. My all three kids love the school food.
quality of education depends on what is it that you are looking for your child. they do have monthly reports, but otherwise till 5th grade its IB. i am happy with the school and teachers.

Architect 2019-05-10 23:56:19


2.2L+ Fee+Transport
24k+ Food
20k+ Books and supply
Admission fee+Caution plus + XYZ = 70k+
Misc - Few thousands

You need to shell around 2.8L this year. You can expect 15+% increment every year.  That being said, you would be paying 5-6 Lakh when your kid is in 4-5 standards. 

The school is good. Very little load on kids. Your kid will enjoy as there are no exams. But the cons is, if you want to move out your kid from this school to any other school, he cant cop up with Syllabus as they cover litte and more than that due to no exams, it would be tough for your kid to settle anywhere else. If you are looking for good percentage in future for your kid, this may not be right choice while if you prefer your kid to have chill life you should go for it. 
The school is very far from city. It takes around 80 to 90 minutes from school to KPHB colony. The school will tell you 40 minutes which is not true. 



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