NRI Coming to Hyderabad for 10th grade please suggest the approach and schools

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9658 2018-08-10 02:08:15


Hi Everyone,

I feel so comfortable seeing this group helping parents each other.

I am coming from USA to HYD next school year June 2019 due to some personal reasons. I will be living near Kondapur area.

My kid will be in10th grade next year(2019), who studied all schooling in USA.

I called multiple international schools but they said no slots available especially for 10th grader.

I need some direction here. Looking for IB curriculum, as it will be easier for my kid to get adjust and no need to worry for languages

1.Looking for the International schools who offer IB curriculum and has openings for 10 th grade.

2. When will the registration starts generally?

3. One of the school mentioned, I need to bring her 9 th grade mark sheets to get in to 10th? I will get 9 th grade marks only in June 2019. Is it not too late for registering? Don't want to take last minute surprises.

4. Any other suggestions?

Thanks in advance to each and every parent here fro throwing some light.

sunera 2018-08-10 09:25:40


Hi 9658,

If it's for next year i mean 2019 you can take admission in november there are many IB schools in Hyderabad which offers IB as well as International residential.If its in DRS International School you can go with IGCSE as your son is familiar to abroad curriculum he can adjust well and if its in Chirec or Oakridge your can with IB MYP curriculum .These school take admissions round the clock

9658 2018-08-11 00:16:04


Thank you Sunera. I will check.

9658 2018-08-11 00:16:24


Thank you Sunera. I will check.

USA222222222HYD 2018-08-15 07:23:20


Hi 9658,
We also thinking to come back in 2019, could you please share your findings so it will be helpful for us.
I have two kids, and they will go 10th and 6th in 2019.

Actually we have contacted couple of schools,
1. Oakridge: Admission starts in Sep 2018
2. Sancta Maria International School: Admissions are open
3. Srinidhi: Admission starts in Sep 2018
4. Kennedy high Global: to be contacted
5. Hyderabad International School: to be contacted
6. Chirec: Admissions are open

My concern is, above all the schools charging an amount of about 400,000/yr (8 lacks for 2kids)
Each year fee increase of 10%,
Is it worth to spend that amount??? 
Any ideas please let me know.


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