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muoo 2018-07-08 18:31:56


My child has joined last year to Samashti International. I like the extra co curricular activities, but the communication of the teachers are not as such impressive. Infact have noticed deterioration in my child's communication skills. Though they curriculum is designed more of student-centric but sorry to say does not reflect... Just like our time.. Students are noting down question and answer in the notebook and mugging up the same. Why students are not asked to frame their own answers if the concept or chapter has been taught. Have seen children noting down the hard/new words and meaning which list is already there in the Textbook... But they are never asked to frame sentences from those words... Neither ever seen any spelling test has been conducted. Now a days most of the schools focuses on mental math, spell be test, analytical reasoning which is missing over year. Would be happy if the school inculcate such skills in the children.

vibgyorma 2018-07-09 12:09:13


Hi, Regarding exams like spell bee, Olympiad please contact the school and tell them to register .. why don't you meet the school authority and discuss your concerns may be they will improvise taking your feedbacks..

muoo 2018-07-10 21:32:08


They do have SOF Olympiad, I meant regular mental math and spell bee test in their week plans si that children can have good command before apearing for the exams or otherwise also. They can have more of speaking activities where students can develop their speaking skills. In English language.. LSRW is the skeleton of any curriculum... But i could see more of writing part only.

muoo 2018-07-10 21:32:58


Abd of course I have given the feedback regarding all that last year.


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