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011015 2018-06-07 10:11:38


Hello Everybody, My little wonder Mahaan Reddy. He got down syndrome. He is 2.6 yrs now. We get to know about this in 3rd month. We started enquiring about therapies , schooling, etc.. We went to physio, now he is going to speech therapy. He Started crawling at the age 16 months , started walking at the age of 2. Now he say only amma, pappa. He loves music , dance, playing in water tub. He got his own playlist. He will enjoy a lot when we play his fav songs. Everything is fine as of now except delay in speech and schooling. I am looking for inclusive schools in hyderabad. I found one Neeraj International School. Fee is very high. Anybody suggest any schools near by kukatpally. Only inclusive schools I am looking for. I am also planning to start one with very minimal cost and good standards. I seek help from Govt. I will let you know. I need support from all the parents. Please post your comments and share your thoughts.

011015 2018-06-08 22:07:15


Please forward your comments

1grace 2018-07-06 16:21:28


Hi 011015, My daughter is 4.5yrs now. She is als DS. I hve put her in eurokids kids when she was 3.5yrs. But I was pregnant again so couldn't sent her. Now again I put her in eurokids pragathinagar. It's just a week she is going.But I see so much being joyful and exited the whole day when she goes to school. She speaks but not sentences. She can understand everything we say. She does respond. She loves music and does actions to all rhymes. She loves her brother and also jealous at times. She will make him play. She eats by herself loves getting dressed like mom. She is so much normal. It's that her speach is slow and can't run fast. I'm think about her future schooling. I want to put her in normal school which is effortable. It's really good to know that you want to start a school. If everything works well plea let me know. If you hve found any school also let me know.


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