Just moved to Hyd and researching schools/apartments, anyone recently moved or is moving?

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PreeJay 2018-05-13 19:03:13


Just landed in Hyd and researching schools apartments, anyone else in same boat? We can join forces and learn from each other's research.

Looking for a school for grade1/PP2 for my son near Financial Dist Gachibowli. 

-- Need very friendly and easy school for the kid
-- Low teacher/student ratio
-- Fun/Loving no fear environment like in US
-- Respect the identity of each kid
-- Innovative teaching methods and not cramming based learning

Please email me checkoutpreet@gmail.com

raju75 2018-05-15 07:28:55


You can check Keystone school. Keystone is a good school.

Rainbow1 2018-05-17 09:49:14


You can check Sancta Maria at Lingam pally... I have also heard good reviews about Birla Open Minds. 


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