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sathwik 2010-09-23 21:06:39


Hi friends,

                          I am parent of  41/2years boy searching for good icse school.Can anybody plz  help me.


mickey 2010-09-24 14:34:26


Hi Sathwik,
Where do you stay ? It would be easier to suggest then. As such there are not many ICSE schools in Hyd.




sathwik 2010-09-24 23:08:47


Hi Micky,

                      We stay at daramkaram road.Previously u gave some information reg schools.I visited to geetanjali,slate,they don't  have  much play area and they are more into academics,I  talked with the kids who r  studying there,they also told the same thing,they r having tests frequently and they encourage  the students who r getting good marks i.e top  students,only  they get the chances they r not encouraging the other students,thats why some of my friends changed their kids.chinmaya also I am not satisfied.yesterday we  went  2 some schools.first   I  went  2  Dav  banjara hills,the campus is very conjusted,next  I went  2  P.Obul Reddy,the school environment is nice,luckily i went in lunch break ,few students saw my boy and came to me and asked me like aunty u came here to get admission for this little boy,ya i told ,they told me aunty we r studying 11thstd here,bhavans is the best school for ur kid other  boy told mvm .after that we went  2 chirec,actually after school closed  we went  there  office is open campus is good with much playground.we went  2 radcliff school it i s good only with visualization effects etc,but started recently started likeonly one year only.most of  my friends r  joined their kids in chaitanya vidhyalaya ,vidhyaranya,future kids and very much satisfied.some mixed riviews r coming for bhavans,jhps etc.

so i am searching very  seriously 2 join my kid in good school where his childood remains with sweet moments and happy



mickey 2010-09-25 11:01:49


Hi Sathwik,

May I know, why you were not satisfied with Chinmaya Vidyalaya, Begumpet ? 

As u said, Chaitanya Vidyalaya , Vidyaranya and Future kids are all good ICSE schools. I have seen very strong -ve reviews of future kids in this forum which was then deleted.

Gitanjali stresses a lot on academics. Of late, i have heard that it is lacking in discipline and childen use a foul language.

Johnsons Grammar School at Sec/bad is also very good ICSE school. 
You can also find Niraj Public School at Ameerpet (ICSE). It will be near to your place.

Recently this school was in news for its fee hike.

Apart from this you can have a look at HPS, Begumpet which is also an ICSE school. It has a huge playground and is very good for boys. However, u need to keep a tab on your son. As such, it is required in all the schools nowadays as kids are picking up filthy language and the schools too don't take up  moral classes  or stress on values except for a very few ones like Chinmaya and BVB. The kids from these schools are very humble and decent enough as the school lays stress on the values right from Pre-primary.





sathwik 2010-09-26 22:54:15


Hi Miky,

             Sorry for delay,thanx  for ur  response.Tommarrow sure I ill vist chinmaya,bhavans,Jhps,vidhyaranya and chaitanya vidhyaranya.I think by november admission forms will issued.May I know what type of tests for kids they conduct  so I make him ready.




mickey 2010-09-27 11:55:47


Hi Satwik,

The entrance will be based on UKG syllabus for class 1. You can check out the subjects and syllabus again while taking the admission forms.



MaheshAsha 2010-09-30 21:32:44


Hey Satwik,

My son is studying PP1 in Kalpa school at Banjara Hills. So far its good. He enjoys going to school. However, there isn't a big play ground, which I guess is one of your focus point.



sathwik 2010-10-01 23:15:25


Hi Mahesha,

                            Thanx for ur  reply.I ill visit the school.





Zioney 2010-10-18 10:43:31



Vidyaranya is very good. children will enjoy and they learn academics without being aware of it. also they will carry many wonderful moments to ponder on at later stages of their life. My child is in this school and we both *(me and my child) are totally satisfied.




sathwik 2010-10-18 12:28:55


Hi Ammosey,

                              Can u plz  tell me the interview process,date is given for interview this week.






sathwik 2010-10-18 20:10:31


Hi Ammosey,

                           Can u plz  tell me the  interview pattern.I am so happy if my child get  admission in  this school.           





avi25ge 2010-10-20 15:58:40


Hi Sathvik, Do let us know about your experiences with Vidyaranya. I too am looking to admit my son and daughetr in this school.

Thanks, Avineet


arru 2013-09-29 21:39:20


Hello... Can i get an information on the interview pattern in vidhyaranya.... my interview date is fixed in The Next Month... Thanks in advance. Awaiting reply.

Ranjani06 2013-10-03 20:09:35


Hi Mickey,

Is it that you were talking about the Habsiguda ICSE johnson Grammar school in ur previous reply in this chain.Also i want to know whether is it a good option to opt for ICSE..or else i am given any heavy burden to my kid.

poseidon 2014-03-15 12:33:35


St.josephs public school,king koti is also a good schol

NareshNaresh 2014-03-15 20:56:37


Hai Rajani.
It's very good option to opt JOHNSON GRAMMAR SCHOOL, HABSIGUDA.
for ICSE syllabus.
My kids are going to JOHSON'S School.

It's very nice experience to childrens studying in ICSE syllabus
without any burden.

anuradhamunugala 2014-04-03 18:17:29


Hi Mickey,

I hv been going thru this site for some 6 months now for reviews and suggestions on schools in and around DD colony. I hv nw enrolled my son 3.4 yrs in Johnson Grammar School Habsiguda in LKG after reading some good reviews and some nt so good too. But nw I hv some concerns and I am wondering if I hv taken a good decision. For starters, I dint like the crammed classrooms, not to mention they are nt that clean either. Today it was the first day to school, and it was so chaotic out there. I can understand it being the first day, lots of anxious parents around, crying children etc etc but yet I found the school way too disorganised for the first day. The first thing the teacher hands out is the fee receipts booklet for future installments, which I found too absurd. Next I had to go buy the books which costed 1700/- Whats surprisingly annoying is after charging a whopping 60000/-as fees for LKG why cant the school atleast provide the books within the cost. The books included language text also, learning to write Hindi from 3.5 yrs when the kid will be struggling with English itself first!!!! Next the teacher dint even seem like a proper teacher, whatever questions I ask her she replied 'will get back to you tomorrow'. 

I am reading some good reviews coming from NareshNaresh and I am wondering why am I not able to see something good in this school. I would also like to have some inputs from NareshNaresh. Mickey plz help me in understanding if these are just first time parent jitters or points to really ponder on.

Your suggestions will be truly helpful.


anuradhamunugala 2014-04-03 18:19:25


Just to add my son just completed his nursery from EuroKids DD Colony, and I am really happy with the school in terms of infrastructure (keeping in mind its for kids), syllabus, teachers, cleanliness in classrooms etc etc. 

NareshNaresh 2014-04-11 01:04:08



I can understand your worries and lot of doubts related to
your kid and school.By reading your words i came to know that,
you are in a big confusion regarding your decision to join in this school.

But, on the same day what you are telling all these.......
I'm there for entire day...,for drop and pickup of my Son, who is also
started his first day of JOHNSON school life...!

First of you don't compare this school with any PLAY SCHOOL and INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL.
Here infrastructure is just good. Not so..o... good as Play/international schools.
Here you could find in future... real educational values which a child really requires!!


I know 20-30 children's came out after 10th from JOHNSON. Not one... all of them are really in good position in life..! Not only in academically but also in good human being..! You will find this quality of education in JOHNSON. Try to look all these thing...!

Give some time to set right child and observe the things what i said...!
Then you will find new  way of looking...!

If still you have any doubts.... write to me..!


22234 2019-01-25 23:36:28


Hello nareshnaresh my daughter got selected in johnsons icse habsiguda for lkg can you share ur 4 years experience with the school is it worth the money now for lkg it is almost 1L


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