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UjwalDarsheel 2018-04-27 01:12:01


Hi ,
 we are coming to India in the month of July.

Will they give admission in August ?

How the transition will be?

My kids doesn't speak telugu . In which grade Telugu and Hindi Languages they start to teach?

How many days per week I mean 5 days or 6 days ?

what are the extra circular activities they provide for this do we need to pay extra money?

what is the fee structure for grade 1 and 2?

Any assessment before joining?

How they response to Parents concerns , if the kid doesn't understand the concept will they repeat for the kid ,I mean individual care for kids?My elder one is shy and he is bit behind in his social and emotional skills will they care about him?

how they contact with parents through mail or over phone?

Will they provide transport to Maa Villas near Miyapur?

Can you please suggest  us is the best school for my kids!
Please suggest me any good schools near Miyapur Area that would be appreciated.

Sorry I didn't mention the school name . I checked the Openminds school. need the reviews
Thanks ,

bhargvi 2018-09-18 15:40:11


Hi ujwal darsheel, Did you consider openminds to join your kids. Even am looking forward to join my child for 1st std. Please give your opinon.

UjwalDarsheel 2018-09-18 22:19:52


Hi Bhargavi, 

Open minds school is very far from our house, I joined my both kids in Kennedy high school. It€™s near to our home.


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