Worst school CGR International School - Hyderabad

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Tashvi1 2018-04-10 12:43:05


Such a worst school, during admission they treat the parents very nicely. Due to any other issues if we want to cancel the admission and ask for refund of our amount they will not even allow to meet principal. I have even called the admission team and explained my situatio before visiting the campus. Admission team said that money can be refunded by talking with the principal. When we visited campus, they didnt even allow us to meet her as she is in meeting. When i went there none of the parents were there. Slowly 3 parents came and principal was meeting them and refused to meet us. They informed us that principal cant take any decision regarding refund and only director has right to take decisions. God only knows when the director comes and takes decision. Infront of me they refunded 10k to other parent on principals word. When i questioned them they cooked up some story. Horrible experience with the management. Never going to recommend this school to anyone.

artiklkl 2018-04-10 20:37:29


Had very bad experience with CGR school. Parents, don't waste your hard earned money on such schools who don't even value parents. 

RishiHyd 2018-04-11 21:11:13


Thanks for the feedback. Artiklkl

RishiHyd 2018-04-11 21:13:00


@Tashvi1 can you please let me know which schools are better, as my daughter is 3yrs old now and planning for best education, It would be really helpful for me if you could provide me your email id.

Tashvi1 2018-04-16 10:20:56


As i am going to shift out from hyderabad, i requested the CGR school to cancel my kids admission. I made payment during december 2017. I tried to contact them through phone, as it was not reachable I have sent a mail (the same mail from which i got the initial mail to attend the admission interview along with my kids)to the admissions team that i need to discuss with them. But didn't get any reply back. When i contacted admission team, they were arguing that the mail id was not owned by them. Then how come i got a mail from the same mail id for to attend interview earlier?  After continuous follow ups, CGR administration team contacted me couple of days back and said that their director agreed to give 40% of our money as refund. When i questioned them why they are holding 60%, they literally asked me to feel happy as they are refunding atleast 40% by considering it as a special case without asking any transfer certificate of my job. They said that they will give a call back again whether to return through cash or cheque, after discussing with the accounts team. But till now they neither refunded my amount back nor called me again. Such a money minded people. 

Tashvi1 2018-04-16 10:22:59


Hi Rishi,
Sorry for the late reply, was little bit busy.. Which area do you prefer for joining your kid?


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