Delhi School of Excellence DSE Attapur - Hyderabad useless school low quality teachers

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84pala 2018-03-31 06:48:00


People , this is my genuine experience with this school, I was expecting better teachers when I first saw this school ,the fee structure is high ,but the quality of teachers is not worth of fee we pay,this school tries to show off more but in actual they do not have quality teachers, I used to see the comments in my kid diary by the teacher who always complains ,but full of grammatical mistake s, can't even spell the words they have written, principal is more or less a maninquin in show case of a clothing shop Do not spend your hard earned money on this hopeless school

smdh 2018-07-31 18:03:08


DSE has very bad reviews, I agree to your statement. Which school do you think is better in Attapur. 


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