Class Parties with JUNK food demanding from Parents at Ganges Valley School - Hyderabad

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GangesParent 2018-03-20 14:37:10


Hi ,

Iam a parent of PP1 kid in Ganges Valley , and till now compromising on many things that they are  doing . but this is an issue which is literally disturbing. 

Recently we got a dairy note that we need to send some food items for a party at school as they are in end of the academic year.. Seriously????? for ur parties do we really have to sponsor.. This is also ok we have been paying / sending a lot,  a part from fee ,what that  really annoying is.....

Teachers are asking directly to send JUNK food like
1) Lays (big packets)
2) Samosa - when we need to buy these ? the before day and send in the next mng tat means food will not be fresh
3)Thumbs UP(2 litr) --- Are u kidding me?
4)Sprite small bottles(20)
5)Pastries - Each pastry costs 60 rupees 
7) Popcorn
8)Paper plates
9)Glasses etc etc

JUNK JUNK JUNK... and you are encouraging kids to have all these junk at this age, and who gave you permission to introduce these kind of party culture for PP1 kid????

Oh please... stop demanding from Parents. If You want to have  a party at school do with your money not with the innocent  kids and their parents money..

Ganges Valley school need to take action against this and try to implement some good things apart from doing such things


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