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Me38335 2018-03-01 20:29:54


Hi Friends ,

Looking for Admission into Grade 4 (Boy)  near Kondapur / Gachibowli area (max 5-10km around ) . I would be relocating into Hyderabad next months.

The Fees are pretty intimidating here and would Not be looking for anything more than 1 Lakh in total.

I undestand schools like Chirec , Sancta Maria are very expensive. Any Feedback on Jain Heritage , Pheonix Greens , World one , OpenMind , sanskriti, FutureKids , CGR  ,Meru International are some of the names that I have shortlisted.

Any feedback on the above , the pros n cons , Fees etc would be highly appreciated as I am pretty much clueless about the schools in Hyderabad and searching in Google for the details now.

Thank you.. 

lokesh15069 2018-03-02 10:20:10



I have been familiar the schools you mentioned & visited some of few you have listed, all these schools are more than 1L per annuam. 
Hope you are looking for the schools around 1L.

i hope sanskriti not that much expensive, i am not sure about the academics..


Me38335 2018-03-02 14:56:04


Hi Lokesh ,

Thanks for your response. Sanskriti is quoting 1+ L without transport.

Any recommendation on Jain Heritage and World one or would you know folks who have got their kids enrolled into these ? Just trying to  understand these two schools better.



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