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Vin23 2018-02-20 22:18:01


Hope I don't sound naive, but after going through list of topics & discussions ( specially abt the admissions and the fee ) on this platform, only thing pops into my head is "Home school " would this be a right thing to do till the right time strikes even if its for months or years (say in terms of admissions into a particular school ). Does any one have any idea if any of the schools in Hyderabad consider such students into their schools. 

sheh 2018-02-22 22:51:14


Hi Even I prefer home schooling..can you plz share information.

Vin23 2018-03-13 14:50:15


hey ! Well.... I am not sure about how it works, But I have heard it from my friends who stay in Malaysia that their kids who are along with them in Malaysia don't go to school in Malaysia, but they do the home schooling all they do is study in their home and the parents help them in the studies and go to India during the exams time and write the exams ( I am not sure how they do it or how is it possible ) and at the end of the day they are as usual as a regular student from that school and get their final marks cards from that school or that education board under which they gave their exams. so, having this in mind I was trying to initiate the topic in this platform so that more views, ideas, or information can be poured in . Unfortunately, I don't see much response to the discussion except you Sheh !!!! 

KRISHNAs13 2018-03-13 17:12:43


Legally, homeschooling in not allowed in India. 

RoshMom 2018-03-13 17:51:37


Join the Facebook group Homeschoolers' Nook to know about unschooling, homeschooling, alternate education, support groups in your city etc.

Vin23 2018-03-14 12:57:54


But why is it that its illegal  ?? its just a schooling for toddlers ! Not major milestone exams like say 10th grade, more over now a days seeing the school fee's its a scary scenario.  so, considering home schooling for those who cant afford the higher school fee or for those who think home school is better than the a regular schooling ..why should the govt have any problem with it or ...whats the logic behind that ?? I know there is attendance criteria for colleges and there after but never heard of that criteria for school going kids. If I have heard, most probably the rule must be implemented from the school authorities but not from the board of higher education , please correct me if I am wrong or throw some light on it . Thank you 

KRISHNAs13 2018-03-14 21:24:35


You can technically enroll the kid in this: http://www.nios.ac.in/

And then home school. 

It is illegal because home schooling without any affiliation is considered as unschooled. 

The debate is on: 



SDRao 2018-03-15 18:02:09


If I am not wrong, CBSE allows girls to appear for CBSE boards privately or homeschooled. But I don't have much info.


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