Scholars international Hyd, Vignan Bo tree and Sanskrti school

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RajaSG 2018-01-24 20:16:34


Hi All,

I have shortlisted below three schools, request to please suggest/share your experiences on which would be better among these three
1) Scholars international school, Manikonda
2) Sanskriti school, Manikonda
3) Vignan Bo tree school, Nizampet.

 I really appreciate your valuable feedback and it will be of a great help for me to choose the best.


hydschools 2018-01-25 13:18:23


Re-Posting my same reply from other thread here

Fees for Scholars International (and Scholars Academy in brackets)

51k (41k) for Admission + Caution deposit + Appl Form = 40k (30k) + 10k (10k) + 1k (1k)

Grade 1-4 = 55,500 (64,500)
Grade 5-7 = 57,600 (68,250)
Grade 8-10 = 63,000 (70,500)

+ Transport = 13k-20k (same for both schools), exact amount based on distance

For Grade-1 first year total fees comes same for both schools, 
For 2nd year onward Sholars Academy has  7k-11k higher than other school.
Scholars Academy started 1-2 years back and has separate CBSE affiliation number.
It has larger campus, good playground, large size facilities
They say same faculties in both campus for teaching. And have plans to start XI and XII also in this campus.

About Delhi School of Excl. Manikonda, It appeared in best emerging school in TOI in Hyd.  After this they hiked theie fees :-) 
But no proper playground, they showed me a open plot 2 lanes after school building ( I doubt if it is leased)
Overall I did not like school. DSE, Banjara is better than this. 

I too relocated from Bangalore to Hyd recently and finalized on Scholars.

RajaSG 2018-02-02 14:45:49


Thanks Very much for the reply and for sharing fees, which one did you choose international or academy; I called them they say both are same, but actually it looks they belong to same group, and have two affiliations.

RajaSG 2018-02-02 14:46:30


Also, please share if you have any idea on Sanskriti and Vignan Bo tree schools?

hydschools 2018-02-05 11:26:37


I choose Academy (new campus) since it has bigger playground and better facilities. Its not a totally new school, has same management and teaching staff who are running other school from long time.
I did not explore Sanskiriti and Vignan, they are far from place I stay. Consider distance factor also, enquire commute time and route info from transport dept of school, I dropped schools if commute time goes beyond 1 hr x 2

RajaSG 2018-02-06 12:40:06


Thanks Very much for the info, its helpful.

deepakgudla 2018-12-06 12:30:42


Hello hydschools,

Hope your kid is doing good at Scholars. I will be shifting to Hyderabad in March 2019 from Bengaluru. I am looking for admission for my kid for Grade 1 for 2019-20 academic year.

I have the below questions regarding Scholars. Can you please 
1. I would like to know how is your kid improvement at Scholars?
2. How is the teaching methodology and teaching staff?
3. Any idea about the school fees for next academic year? I called the admission department and they are hesitant to explain fees in phone. 
4. I will be shifting to Hyderabad in March 2019 from Bangalore. Is it possible to get admissions at that time?

Please let me know your experience of the school during this year. Thank you. 


Sandeep0211 2019-03-13 12:03:07


Hi Deepak - My kid is associated with Scholards (currently in Grad 1). Below are my responses, which my assist you in taking an informed decision regarding your kid's school admission.

Q2. This is a traditional school with a lot more emphasis on academics and priority 2 being extra curricular activities. 
Q1. To me personally i see a marginal improvement in my kid. To give you bit of background we moved back from US, so my kid had a background of studying in US, so basis this i made a statement. I chose this school since it is closer to my house, as to me it is imperative to not let my kid spend in school bus for more than 15 minutes and also based on positive reviews on the school.
Q3. Scholars hiked their fees by 10% over last year fees across classes. The point to note is it still falls under affordable range compared to other schools in the same vicinity. Ex: Current year fees for Class 1 -IV is 60K, which i consider to be decent.
Q4. I guess the admission process is open now. You can call the school reception and fix an appointment with the principal (Shilpa).

Trust above inputs helps you and feel free to ask me for any further information related to the school.

Anam123 2019-04-04 18:39:19


Hi Sandeep we are considering scholars for our kid but getting mixed feedbacks. Can u plz tell how about communication skills among children, sports, teaching methodology. Do u wish to continue it child in scholars further, thanks


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