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Class5 2018-01-09 23:20:56


We're relocating to Hyderabad and looking for admissions for our children into class 5 and LKG.
We had made some applications for LKG but unclear on admission process for class 5.

Could anyone suggest on admissions process for class 5 please? Any recommendations on prominent CBSE schools in central hyderabad ( other locations) would be of great help. Appreciate any replies.

MiyapurHyderabad 2018-01-12 01:45:24


I heard positive feedback on below listed CBSE schools. But i don't have personal experience.
  • Shriram Universal School, Gachibowli
  • Samashti International School, Kollur
  • Open Minds, Kollur
  • Sanskriti, Kondapur
  • Hillside school, Jubilee Hills
  • NASR Girls, Khairatabad
  • Johnson Grammar CBSE school
  • NASR Boys
TIMES Hyderabad Survey - 2017 School Rankings


PReddy 2018-01-18 17:35:25


All I can say is pls dont go by JUST by the Times Rankings

Class5 2018-02-04 17:49:15


Thank you. Looks like admissions into class 5 depends mostly if any seat becomes vacant/ available.  Can anyone suggest ideas please?


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