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Glen001 2018-01-03 23:35:23


Hi, I am relocating to Hyderabad and need to get admission done for my son in a CBSE school. He is 7 years old and will go in grade 3 in 2018 Can anyone please suggest a good school near Hi-Tech city, below is the criteria we are looking For CBSE , extra curricular activities, good sports facilities,

Naaga123 2018-01-04 08:16:22


Hi, I am also same situation.My son is 8 years old, he is in year3. Please suggest good schools in near gachibowli . Thanks for advance..

santoshgautam 2018-01-04 11:49:53


@Glen001 --- schools in very close proximity to hitech city/Cyber towers/Madhapur area wont have  a huge campus with ground and very good extra curriculurs due to space limitation -- but still you can have a look at Manthan Madhapur and NASR Boys.
But there are good schools in Gachibowli /Nanakramguda/Kokapet area

Good schools based upon my visit to more than 20 schools in the last 1 month near Gachibowli area is as below

1. Pheonix Greens Kokapet Campus (very nice campus with ground and good focus on extra curriculars -- strength approx 1500)
2. Manthan Tellapur Campus -- decent campus smaller ground vs Pheonix Greens
3. The Shriram Universal School -- very nice campus, grround, proper plan for classrooms and excellent focus on extra curricular -- but a very new school 
4. DPS Khajaguda -- but not sure admission will be available or not

Schools slightly a bit far but are very good
1. Glendale Academy
2. Samisthi
3. Gaudium Tellapur campus



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