How is the new school @Nallagandla - Sadhana Infinity International School ?- CBSE

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Sai64 2022-11-01 08:04:35


Any school is better than sadhana

Pratibha7 2022-11-12 20:31:18


Hi Sai64!! May i know the reason in which area sadhana is not good. Means academics,sports, teaching methodology, faculty because we want to join our kid in 8th grade 2023-24. And also looking to continue upto 10th or +2. If you are having any idea kindly let us know it's really very helpfull to us. If anyones kids currently pursuing 7th and 8th grade in sadhana infinity please let us help with your valuable feedback how is overall teaching methodology and also faculty for higher classes. Thanks in advance all.

Sai64 2022-11-12 23:31:57


Academics are not good They will try to impress the parents by giving easy papers and syllabus will not finish Activitys are good They're not focusing on the quality teaching They are focused on quantity teaching

Pratibha7 2022-11-13 14:18:14


Ohkk Thank you sai!! Are you having any idea about vidyanjali highschool in doyens colony? Considering higher classes (above 7th) onwards, can anyone please recommend good schools in around chandanagar/lingampalli/nallagandla for CBSE in quality of education. Thanks all in adavance.

Sai64 2022-11-14 06:29:27


No idea ma'am

Samu123 2023-01-30 11:12:28



Can you please tell the feedback of the school now. Im planning to join my kid for grade 6.


ssharada 2023-04-27 09:43:59


Hi andi, could you plz give ur phone no need to talk more about the school 9440858538


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