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vmcpqn 2017-12-26 16:04:49


Hi Friends,
We are planning to move to Gachibowli/Kokapet/Kondapur area next year so started visiting some of the top schools in and around Hyd, mostly near Gachibowli.We are looking for a school which gives importance not only to academics but also sports and extra-curricular activities.Below is the list of schools in the order we visited for our kid's admission into Grade 2. I hope this information will help some of the parents in a similar phase. The views expressed below are our own so please don't blame me if something is wrong or incorrect. Always check with the school for more accurate information.
1. Rockwell International School, Kokapet Follows integrated curriculum (IGCSE and NCERT) upto Grade 5.  Infrastructure is great - spacious school building but didn't get to see the playgrounds but they seem to cover all sports except swimming. Fee seem to be on the high side but the feedback from some of my friends of friends is good.
Tuition Fee - 1.68L Transport - 27k (Optional) Food - 42k (Optional)   Total: 2.37L
2. Sancta Maria International School, Lingampally Follows IB curriculum. Infratructure is excellent - great campus with all the facilities. It really looks like an "international" school and might have that posh or high-end culture. School fee is exorbitant when compared to other schools but easily justifiable with the kind of infrastructure they have.
Total Annual Fee: Above 2.5L Transportation fee extra
3. The Gaudium School, Kollur Follows integrated curriculum upto grade 5 and then followed by CBSE or CAIE. It's a 27 acres campus but most of it is still under construction but school functioning is not disturbed by it.  It looks stress-free environment for kids with a petting zoo (rabbits, horses, etc) around, adventure park, etc. Sports facilities include all the major sports and games. On the flip side, it is very far from the city unless there is a proposal for a road from Tellapur/Nallaganda to Kollur directly in the near future.
Tuition Fee - 1.45L Transport-  33k (Optional) Food- 24k (Optional)  Activity fee - 15k  Total: 2.17L
4. Phoenix Greens International School, Kokapet Follows CBSE curriculum. Infrastructure is good and has a multi-storied building. I think more play area compared to Rockwell. Seem to have multiple sections for each grade (I think 8 sections for grade 1) not sure about other grades. Did see some sports trophies/achievements in the reception area. The reception staff seem to be busy and the  admission counsellor seems to be one of the faculty members, if I'm not wrong. 
Tuition Fee - 1.41L Transport-  33k (Optional) Food- 31k (Optional) Total: 2.05L
5. The Future Kids School, Financial District, Nanakramguda Follows own curriculum upto grade 5 and then ICSC curriculum upto higher secondary. Looks bit small compared to the schools above but they seem to give equal importance to sports and academics. There were so many trophies won by this school in Baskbetball. There were no vacancies and we were told that they would give us a call when there is a vacancy. Read some great reviews about this school on the internet but looks hard to get an admission though. No info on fee was provided when requested.
6. Keystone International School, Financial District, Nanakramguda Follows IGCSE curriculum. It seemed to be a new school but greatly maintained and there is a new 2-acre campus being built out adjacent to the current one. The way towards the school is not that great, looks more of a like abandoned place but once you enter the school, you get the feeling of an international school. Looks like class strength is really low (example only 5-6 in grade 1) but that can be advantage as teachers can have more attention on each student. I didn't get to meet the teachers but I'm sure they are well qualified.        They follow project-based teaching approach. I personally liked it as the kids get real hands-on experience that gives practical approach to many life problems.  I think kids love going to this school. The overall fee is pretty high similar to Sancta-Maria but I think it's worth it if you can afford and if you want to stay away from traditional teaching approach.
Tuition Fee - 2.52L (Food included) Transport-  xx (Optional)
7. Meridian School, Madhapur Follows CBSE curriculum but I think they have introduced IB this year. The first thing we received from the lady in the admissions office was fee structure slip.  We couldn't get a tour as it is done only on the weekends. The school seems to have all the facilities but for some reason looked commercial to us.
Total fee was around 2.3L (approximately) including food and transportation.
*** sorry, lost the fee structure slip, check school for correct fee.

8. Green Gables International School, Madhapur We didn't visit the school as it looked more of a like multi-storied building with little play area amidst all residential buildings. But they do seem to have some play area for basketball, taekwando, gymnastics, etc. 
9. Orchids International School, Jubilee Hills We visited the school but looked same as Green Gables but has better play area than Green Gables.  After visiting the other top schools, this looked pretty average.  Total Fee: 1.5 - 1.7L approx (including food and transport)
*** sorry, lost the fee structure slip, check school for correct fee
10. Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Jubilee Hills
Follows CBSE curriculum.
I think it's very hard to get school admission unless your kid is joining for pre-primary. We were not even allowed to enter the school.  Security gave us a number to enquire about admission but we were asked to call back in Feb. 

11. Jubilee Hills Public School, Jubilee Hills 
Follows CBSE curriculum.
This school is adjacent to Bhavans and seemed hard to get an admission similar to Bhavans. 
12. Delhi Public School, Khajaguda
Follows CBSE curriculum.
We visited the school but couldn't get past the security as we were told that all new admissions are through the online enquiry page on their school website.  As per the school wesbite/photos, they seem to have all sports facilities and also the pass out percentage is high.  Tuition Fee - 1.11L Transport - 30k (Optional)  Food - 16k (Optional) Total 1.57L
So far we have shortlisted the following:
1. Rockwell International School, Kokapet2. Delhi Public School, Khajaguda3. The Gaudium, Kollur
So I request parents from the above schools share their experiences so far with the above 3 schools in particular. Any help is greatly appreciated.I know there are some great schools in Bachupally and Kompally too but they are not in scope for us.

sid001 2018-11-13 07:47:00


This is really useful info. Thank you.

Below is fee structure from Birla Open Minds school as of Nov 3rd, 2019.

Uploaded image


Ree28 2018-11-13 09:25:30


Thank you for the information.. I'm also looking out for schools in and around gachibowli. We will be relocating in March 19. I would also like to know if Telugu subject is compulsory..

19782006 2018-12-05 03:59:09


Hi Ree28

Did you manage to get some information, which grade you are looking , please share details if any


Chets0103 2019-02-09 18:38:40


Hello Kumar, i read your comments and this is exactly what i am going through now and look forward to your views since we are also relocating to Hyd .. and my son currently is in class 4 and looking to getting admission in class 5 and even we have shortlisted the same school.. basis a lot of research..look forward to your suggestions. thanks Chets

 Former member 2019-09-13 16:06:45


Can you share fee details for nursery 2019-20 of open minds Birla school?


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