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13far 2017-12-07 12:14:50


Hi Vamsipriya,

What is the reason you felt there is no security for small kids in this school.I am looking for UKG admission for my son in this school.Your information will be helpful.

Aindala12345 2017-12-12 16:57:29


Hi, I am not sure what type of security you people are looking for? My kid is studying in PP2 in scholars and I can find her safe in school and reaches home safely. Also the teachers are good to take care of them. My elder one is in 4 th class now and never found any issues with the academics or other activities.

Swamiku1 2018-01-05 22:48:01


hi, looking for my daughters's admission in scholars intnl school for grade 5.. could you pls share more about the is the fee structure, quality of teachers 
thanks in advance

Swamiku1 2018-03-01 23:32:16


hi , 
I had been to scholars international school recently for an enquiry for my daughter's admission.( grade 5) Its pathetic..
as mentioned by others, security of kids is a major concern. They have a small play area( assembly area) inside the campus. Opposite the school there is a huge ground. I'm not sure if it belongs to the school, but it is an open ground. students have to cross the road and reach the ground.
when we went there, the primary children were playing there..there was one person..probably the p.e,teacher, sitting and watching them playing. we stood there to observe for a few minutes. There were open roads on both sides of the ground. vehicles were passing by. students kept walking back and forth the ground and the school. when the ball went out of the ground to the road, the boys ran to the road to pick the ball.. absolutely unsafe.
next, the building. it is a five storey building.. without any protection..the railings were of low height. God forbid..chances of accidents  are high..
coming to the front office.. the person who attended our enquiry..  very poorly informed.
She could not answer any question with enough details.. when i asked about the books they follow( the publication) she said " i dont know maam, some book  they have.. every year it will change.. i dont know " 
was really shocked to listen to that kind of a response.
We spoke to one or two parents there while waiting..  dint get any positive response. one of the parents said.."Please see for a better option ".
The front office staff completely conversed in telugu only.. among themselves..and with students who came for any purpose..
one of the teachers brought a student to the prinicpal for a complaint.. the principal too scolded the child with telugu/ english mix.
not so happy with the attitude of the principal too. did not get any positive vibes at all. 

instantly dropped the idea of proceeding with admission. This is purely my experience and opinion.
Please visit the campus and then decide .


newmom12 2018-03-05 14:41:22


I also felt that scholars inst very good in terms of facilities but some of the existing parents gave me the feedback as academics are good.  It is surviving and known as a good school because there are no competitors in this range around manikonda in terms of fees ect as rest of the schools are not giving required facilities (school would be in a apartment ect) and don't even excel in academics.

So, to be precise it is parent's choice and better visit the school for taking an informed decision.


spinks 2018-03-06 18:01:50


Let us know which school u have selected


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