Review for DPS Miyapur Hyderabad

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Csvibs 2017-12-04 11:43:59


Hi ,

Can anyone provide me with the reviews of DPS Miyapur, Hyderabad as I am thinking of enrolling my daughter in this school for grade 2 for the upcoming academic session? 

kumo 2017-12-07 12:07:20


Hi @csvibs My son's studying in DPS miyapur from 1st standard,At present he is in 2nd class.when compared with khajaguda branch,it's not meeting the standards.There are no values in this school.They made 1500 mandatory for carnival function to each student.They'll not send invitation if not paid.The principal speak rudely with parents.No respect at all.We have to study our kids in the home only,they conduct monthly tests only,we have to prepare everything.No extra care on children who got low marks.I think please go for khajaguda branch.Miyapur is not worthy


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