Prerana Waldorf School - Hyderabad- initial review

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LookOut 2017-11-21 13:18:53


Visited the school recently for admission to PP1/Lower KG. Spoke to head counsellor who looked well qualified, senior and impressive - was able to answer all questions very well.

I am concerned about the fees though. Apart from tuition fees of 90k per year, there's a 35k material fee (?) and a very steep admission fees of 45k. 

They were happy to take admissions right now even though there's a directive from education minister to hold off on any new admissions.

For all their talk of alternative teaching methodology, they didn't seem to be different from any other school and just seem as money minded as others. Underwhelmed.

LookOut 2017-11-21 13:20:50


Forgot to add: the above fees doesn't include transport or food. They didn't bring up food charges, so I assume parents need to handle that themselves. They were unclear about transport fees, but going by experience with other schools, I expect it to be no less than 30k for a distance of 10km.

satyam17 2018-02-24 09:33:04


Hi Lookout, Have you considered this school for admission. I am looking out for a good play ground and good ventilated school in and around hitech city. Can anyone suggest please. I have seen Sanskriti school (kondapur), Hillside school (Banjara Hills) which looks reasonable both for education and activities. I also have seen Meridian school which has good building and play ground. But fees is too high 



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