PP1/LKG '18 Admission in Vignan World One Kondapur?

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udaym 2017-11-20 00:33:25


Hi, We stay in the Chirec/Kondapur area. And hence we are planning to consider World One school for our kid, who will be eligible for LKG from next academic year. Any feedback on this school? How good it is w.r.t the likes of BVB, Arbor, TSUS, FutureKids, JH.PublicSchool, Sangamitra, ObulReddy School & Silver Oaks (I know, few of the evils in this list are older than WorldOne, but just wanted to consider the student development over age of the school) Avoided Chirec(though it is just adjacent to our apartment) because it's admission procedure is not transparent!

moon2light 2017-12-18 09:29:35


The school has  good infrastructure and few good teachers thats all for good things. The security guard sleeps on duty and keep the gates open all the time. The campus building has multiple entrance and exits so kids can just go roads and grounds inside the campus where their school buses ply. The have lot of uneven landscaping risking kids running around. Even though it is AC class but it might be switch off. The toilets are broken and water leaks out all the time. 

Right before the toilet there is a waiting place we kids can sit and if kids push each other they might fall 15 feet down rocks behind the seating. Very risky architecture and zero planning.

communication you can expect all types of language and variations. English is just quite a small percentage. 

There is nothing much to talk about fees one lakh plus and no discussions 


MiyapurHyderabad 2017-12-19 22:21:26


@moon2light, thanks for the review. Its helpful.

kumar1234 2018-01-11 16:46:23


Certainly, World One School is considerably younger compared to most of the schools you mentioned above, however, the pace they have caught up to in the last few years is really impressive. Alongside the exceptional infrastructure, their faculty compliments the school's vision very well. It's certainly a great environment to learn in and explore themselves. The best part I'd say is the teaching pattern. The school gives a lot of importance to practical and experimental learning where the children practically understand and learn their subject.
When it comes to sports the school is incredible with the biggest playfield in the city. With the school's support for talents and curricular activities, the children have an exceptional advantage to build their overall character and become more confident.

With a school that actually is this passionate to educate and does it genuinely, your child is in the best hands possible.


udaym 2018-01-13 12:20:42


Thanks Kumar1234 for that detailed responsem


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