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droy 2010-09-12 20:43:32


Hi Mickey,

I will request your assistance with a few questions:

1. How much is the fees for rainbow international school? How is the school? How far is it from Miyapur?

2. When does Vikas concept start giving out admission forms for Std 1?

Thanx a lot!

droy 2010-09-12 20:44:43


Is Indus international strictly a residential school or day boarding is also available? What is the fee structure like? Is it a good school? 


mickey 2010-09-13 12:47:30


Hi Droy,

Are you  talking about the Indus International school at  Shankerpally ? www.indusschoolhyd.com

It is an International school and offers day boarding too. As it follows only IB curriculum, it is quite an expensive school. Class IX and X follow IGCSE. The fee would be around 3 lakhs. You can get in touch with Ms. Anuradha on 08417-302100 and know more about it.

There is IndusWorld  School too which follows CBSE in Yapral, Sec'bad. It is a day boarding school. There is no entrance test for first graders. There will be some oral assessment. You need to show previous years’ report cards. I have heard mixed reviews of IndusWorldSchool in this forum.

About Vikas, you will get admission forms for class 1 from Jan'11 onwards. I just called up and came to know the current status. Get in touch with the school. There is no entrance test till class 1. There will be a formal interview and assessment for the child . The fee is given in its website  www.vikasconcept.com. It is easy on pocket compared to Indus International and World School.

I have no idea about Rainbow International School at BHEL. From Miyapur, BHEL is around 8 to 9 km. You can reach quickly as it is not a traffic prone road.

It seems to be a new school. It looks quite promising from its website though (http://rainbowinternationalschool.org ) offering CBSE, IGCSE and SSC too. Please talk to the children and  parents too whose children are studying here before taking any decision.




droy 2010-09-13 14:16:10


Hi Mickey,

Thanx for taking time out to answer my questions. I really appreciate the help. Yes...I was talking about Indus Int. in Shankerpally.


droy 2010-09-13 14:27:58


Hi Mickey,

By the way, how difficult for these oral assessment tests in Vikas and elsewhere. My son is 4 years & 4 months old, a fluent Japanese and Bengali speaker, but not much English spoken skills, but he understands and can name objects, numbers etc in English quite well. What might be good schools for Internationals like my son with English deficiency, and with easier admission processes. I would want schools to teach him proper language and communication skills in English from grade 1. Should I focus on schools like Vikas, Sentia, Euro, or International schools like Manthan, Jain, Orchids. I want it to be a little easy on the pocket too, although if required, I will dig deeper.


mickey 2010-09-13 15:08:24


Hi Droy,

Where do u plan to stay in Hyd ? Oral assessment tests are going to be easy. You don't have to worry about it. You can always tell the Principal and he will assessed accordingly. If your kid is 4.4, he is not eligible for class 1 . It is better u put him in LKG or UKG. (ie PP1 or PP2). Infact  the required age for LKG/PP1 is 4+. So u can start from any school without worrying much about his English speaking skills.

I would suggest Sentia or Manthan International at Madhapur where student :teacher ratio is less.  Jain International would be far if u plan to stay around Hi-Tech city.

Infact if you are keen on International schools, you can try Oakridge at Gachibowli (Khajaguda) followed by Manthan if u plan to stay near Hi-Tech city. Chirec is equally good but the admission process is not that easy. You will face tough competition. There is no harm in trying though. For this year, Chirec admissions are closed. You can try in Sentia and Manthan International. You can see Manthan's review by Shailaja in this forum.    Shailaja has lot of experience on IB curriculum and conducts workshops too.








droy 2010-09-13 15:57:19



Words are just not enuf to thank you. You have been so helpful. I will treasure ur comments when we move to Hyderabad. We are planning to stay near Miyapur, but kind of flexible. We will definitely go for Sentia, Manthan and Vikas is also another choice we would like to pursue.

By the way, is there really any point going for exhorbitently priced international schools? I believe it is more of an elitist attitude and nothing more...

Thanx again.



mickey 2010-09-13 16:45:55


Hi Droy,

There is no requirement of going for an exorbitantly priced International Schools  as such, if you are requirements are met at  an affordable school.  The International schools become a necessity if your child is grown up. These schools provide an easy transition. As your child is very small , u can opt for any school  next year.

I have also read in one of the threads that you are looking for schools which are offering French as second and third language.  Sentia doesn't offer French. I  am not sure about Vikas or Creek.  We can find out on phone.

For your child, you can  either opt for  Chirec, DPS , Manthan International or Meridian, Madhapur.

You can get in touch with me when you relocate to Hyd. I will send my details in your parentree inbox incase u need any further info. I will be glad if i can be of any help to you. Below are the websites of schools, i have metioned.



droy 2010-09-13 17:07:01


Thanks again Mickey for the kind words. From your suggestion it looks like we can aim for early 2012 as the time for relocation to Hyderabad from Tokyo. I am a Professor of Technical Communication & Usability in a Japanese Univ. and I will continue to work here while my wife and son will be in Hyderabad. We have no relatives or friends in Hyderabad (we are actually from Kolkata) and we will be more than happy to receive any help in matters related to relocation. We are shooting for Hyderabad because I have been there thrice for conferences and travel and was quite impressed with the people and the city.

We will definitely request your contact details.




droy 2010-09-13 17:09:18


We are not comfortable with the Japanese education system where the maximum emphasis is put on Japanese and English has only marginal importance. The quality is good but the language itself is a problem.



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