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rk2016 2017-10-25 19:16:45


Hello parents! I am willing to be in a discussion that will help me track down one of the best cbse school situated either in gachibowli or HITEX city (HYDERABAD) with the help of positive response from all the parents who are a part of parent tree. I being new to hyderabad, am unaware about the best cbse schools. By next year my son who would turn 3.5yrs needs to be enrolled in the school. Desired criteria for the selection of school am looking forward are:- 1) GACHIBOWLI/HITEX CITY based best CBSE schools 2) CBSE syllabus for KG/LKG to 12th GRADE 3) Availability of playground area & extra curricular/physical activities 4) Pick & drop facility by School bus 5) Maximum school travelling time 10-15 mins 6) Nominal fees structure Friends, I humbly request to advice me on the above said topic so that accordingly I can make further moves towards setting a good educational background for my son. Thank you! Regards RENUKA

rk2016 2017-10-25 19:19:34


I also need to know when to enquire for school admission forms in hyderabad

shanidha 2017-10-26 18:26:53


It's the good time to start enquiring as mostly they start admission from 1st week of November

rk2016 2017-10-27 01:14:16


Thanx u knw any of d good cbse schools in gachibowli and HITEX CITY?

shanidha 2017-10-27 23:10:59


Even I m searching for my kid for STD 1. My preference is school with moderate fee. What are ur preferences? Well to name a few u may try for , Phoenix green,prerna Waldorf,KV,Gaudium,DPS towards gachibowli. Towards hitex or kondapur.. maharshi,MANTHAN, sanskriti, Genesis. Tomorrow will visit a few of them.

srid27 2017-10-27 23:23:26


Green Gables doesnt have a very big playground but location , focus on art, Taekwando , fee structure match most of your requirements. They have a small class size as well.
my kids dont go there but found it to be a good one during my search. 

rk2016 2017-10-28 19:47:23


Thnku friends....for giving me an more query just popped into my mind, is there any admission form procedures for play school also???if yes...den does it start from nov/Dec months onwards?

Prabha10 2017-10-29 00:37:31


Hello Parents, Thanks for your messages. I'm looking for pp2 admission and I have done lot of background work. The confusion over here is, we should be clarity on which board. CBSE it IGCSE, based on the option we can select the school. I have been to various schools every weekend and below is my preferable For IGCSE Gadium Manthen Samisti But all these schools are at kollur For CBSE Maharshi Vidya Mandir - very crowded Kennedy- best school but high fee Jain heritage- Best school but not spacious and no big campus, food is excellent ARBOR- ok, can consider I haven't decided, Can you please suggest me as well Thanks, Prabha

 Former member 2017-10-29 07:35:22


Best ""CBSE"" schools in "GACHIBOWLI and HITEX CITY"
DPS khajaguda , nothing beats it in CBSE and other stuff ..


jithendar 2017-10-29 10:47:04


@skash1 Hi Sir, My kid is in 6th std - narayanana school Hitech City branch. He joined in narayanana in 4th std. We we're in Mumbai earlier, so till 3rd he was in CBSE in Mumbai. I want my kid to be good at communication skills and analytical/arithmetics.He is good at his level now. At the same time aiming for IIT/JEE/NEST. So little confusion should continue with narayanana ( I am little doubt on narayanana now year by year quality going down.) or move to any good CBSE with proven record. If so please advise the schools. Any area is okay from gachibowli to miyapur, as I am ready move for my kid. Or is good to try for admission in FITJEE. Thank you so much for your advice.

 Former member 2017-10-29 14:32:38


Jitender for communication schools friend circle makes lot of difference.. earlier I used to stay in apartment now in gated community which reflects whole india .. my kid vocabulary improved a lot 

for logical and analytical skills you can try cuemath or take any puzzle books try to solve everyday one puzzle 

if your kid really likes to go for IIT   FIGJEE and chitanya/narayanak are best in Hyderabad.. it also depends on teachers in that branch  , check with the students  who are already into it they will give proper suggestion .. these days lot of news coming on Narayangana and chitnha schools ..

good luck and all the best 


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