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sneethu 2010-09-07 11:35:38


Hi All,

Any can provide me Information about the Schools Near by KPHB(Miyapu,Nizampet,Bachupally ..etc). I want to know wich school is better in studies and other activities and other coachings ( like IIT...). My daughter is in 2nd standard. for next academic in need to change her school.

if anybody knows best school help me. i want to know fee structure also.

i heard Kennedy,silver oaks,sangamitra,DAV are good. but i dont have complete information about that.



chaitalikm 2010-09-07 13:59:19



I am new to this forum but with the same query. Mickey thanks for all the information that you provide its amazing.

Currently am in Mumbai and wud be shifting to HYD in Apr 11. Have daughter aged 7 and son aged 4 . Right now they study in an ICSE school so was looking for admissions in ICSE schools.  I called up Future Kids but they refused admission for std III next year outright.  They also said that no forms wud be issued and I shud try in Apr- May 2011 to check for vacancies in std III. Sentia said we can block seats by paying a certain amount but since it is CBSE I am a little hesitant. If I do not have a choice I shall go for Sentia .

I am very keen on Future Kids  as it wud be  closer to my house and ICSE . Can any member suggest any other way to check out for admissions in Futurekids ?




mickey 2010-09-09 13:27:28


Hi Sneethu,

All the schools that u mentioned are good. But no school will provide you coaching for IIT for class 2 !! Don't you think its too early for us to decide on these factors ?
8 yrs down the lane, you never know, in which stream, your child is interested ..

Infact there is no such coaching for any of the schools except for Narayana and Sri Chaitanya Techno schools . These schools give strong foundation in maths and Science from class 6 onwards. They have integrated syllabus of CBSE,ICSE and SSC(state).However , the class X certificate is from X board.

You can as such try in DAV, Sangamitra. They are low budget schools.

The Creek is around 55 to 60K . Sentia 's fees is 55K without transport. Sentia -The Global is in Miyapur.

You can also have a look at Vikas-The Concept school. Vikas claims to give strong foundation in Maths and Science. So just check out Vikas too. It has both CBSE as well as SSC.





mickey 2010-09-09 13:36:49


Hi Chaitalikm,

There are not many ICSE schools in and around  Hi-Tech city. If you are very particular, i think, try some recommendation for Future kids. I am not sure though..

You can admit your son in Nasr-Boys at Gachobowli. It is an ICSE school . There is also an International School at Shaikpet which follows ICSE. It is near Tolichowki. It is unlike all the international schools which cost u a bomb. The fee is quite economical.

One of the parents from PT has joined her daughter in this school. But she is not happy with this school . May be u can get in touch with her through parentree inbox.

She is Akki2010 (Akshita)



chaitalikm 2010-09-16 20:03:24


Hi Mickey

Thanks for the info and sorry for the delay in acknowlegement as was busy with festivities and daughter's olympiads & other exams.

We have almost decided on Sentia as the admissions are available . My concern was about my daughter moving from ICSE TO CBSE as both me & my husband prefer ICSE. Moreover when we come back to Mumbai (maybe in 2-3 years) we have only ICSE schools available here . Very few CBSE schools in Mumbai.

My daughter is very good academically & also in extra curriculars. I am planning to get an extra set of ICSE books from her Mumbai school thru friends and teach her in vacations. So when we return she shud be at the same if not better level as her other classmates.

Do you think this would work ? Would be glad if you could give me your feedback .

Thanks again.






mickey 2010-09-19 00:30:56


Hi Chaitalikm,

Why not ? Infact parents are the best teachers.  If you can manage to teach those extra lessons /topics in holidays and your children listen to you , you can go ahead with your plans.  You don't have to carry ICSE books all the way from Mumbai. You can get it in Hyd too.

Infact your kids are very young. Till class 5,  you don't have to bother much about the curriculum (CBSE or ICSE ). ICSE becomes vast from class 7 onwards and by that time you will be in Mumbai back again.

Check for vacancies in FutureKids when u come down. If not , you can also join them in Kalpa at  Rd No. 8 ,Banjara Hills. phone- 040 23350164.  It is a very good ICSE school. It will be a bit far for your kids. It might take 25 to 30 min from Hi-Tech city. Kindly call them up and check out the admission status.

If u feel the school is very far, you can go ahead with Sentia. Please come down once to Hyd  for 2 days or so , hire a cab and go around to see the schools before u block your seat in Sentia.




chaitalikm 2010-09-19 21:51:28


Hi Mickey

Thanks a ton ! I was thinking of coming to HYD  in the first week of October . Shall post my experience with the schools then.









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