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sreevardhang 2017-09-12 17:12:50


Hi everyone .. I was looking at Walden's path as one of the choices apart from vidyaranya.. I talked to the founder Sunil Mayreddy and was highly impressed with the way he spoke about education and their approach.. Would like to know If there are any parents here who would like to share their experience in Walden's Path

srid27 2017-09-15 10:51:34


Can you please share their fee structure and if they plan to move to a different location ? Any points that you found different from other schools will also help.

skona686 2019-03-28 15:54:39



Any one who got their kids into Waldens path ? Need some feedback based on your observations for 1 or 2 years. Want to understand the kind of changes you have seen in your kids after going to this school.

ramyakr 2019-04-28 06:46:35


Hi skona686,

My friends son is in Waldens Path for the past 2 years. My another friend teaches there. I wanted to admit my 8 year old child and visitied them twice. I was following Jiddu Krishnamurti schools for some time, but wasn't aware of Walden's path earlier. I know about Vidyaranya, but its too far for me to commute daily (they do not have transport). School founders have great understanding of education, but they are keen in taking 3-7 years old children only. I was told that they have very different approach to understanding as how children learn and they design learning accordingly and think its best if a child joins them young.

My friends son was close to 4 yrs when he joined and I really find him growing very confidently. I believe they focus a lot on traditional aspects, though they never mentioned about them during my visit nor I have see it on their website. It sounds like a old time gurukula school. Children are barefoot in school, they teach kalari and yoga, meditation, recite slokas before lunch and greet each other the indian way. I have noticed that children are very pleasant and happy. I think they have 40 children altogether. 

I would definetly recommed if your child is under 7 years and you value tradional aspects. But I believe its very difficult to get an admission. Not sure what they look for in a child or parents, but they are very choosy. I wish they are open to children upto 10 years like all other Jiddu Krishnamurti schools.

Best wishes to your child.



ramyakr 2019-04-28 06:48:44


As per their website, they moved to road no 46 in jubilee hills. The fee is 175k 

Aquib123 2019-06-23 21:14:13


Hi All
My son needs some special attention and care. he is brilliant in knowledge which he learned on his own from Youtube, rhymes etc. I am planning to take admission in Waldens Path after visiting their website. Kindly advise if this will be a better or any other alternative.


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