Need to geedback for VIGNAN Bo Tree School

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Raza3035 2017-08-30 19:08:26


Dear Friends,

I am planning to enroll my daughter in class 1 and i was going through couple of school like Creek - Geetanjali - Cannary - Kennedy - SVS & MVM, But some how i am okay with Vignan and hence request you to all update if i can go ahead with Viganan OR not as this is the only school i find till 12th also its near to my home, I reside in Gajularamaram.

Please share valuable input so that i can decide and Vignan has already started admission next academic year.

Thanks in advance..!!!

VijayP 2017-09-13 07:23:35


Hi ,
Vignan has good infrastructure.But it is not utilized for student.  
 Principal  spoke very nicely ,when we spoke casually. When we ask  to resolve  concerns ,she will directly say that she can't help in that or that she can,'t do any thing for that.
As we compare the fee that we pay and the education that we received( academics,activities),we are paying high. For same fee,you  can find better schools in and around.
Quick learner and slow learners will be treating in same manner. Every one has to by heart the lessions.
Vignan standards are going down every year.I'm parent of vignan student.
I suggest not to go to vignan.  Hope this will help and also inquired other parents.


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